Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 59


This semana was crazy!

To kick it off, we are one of the only companionships in the mission that has a washer/dryer in our apartment (so blessed... Or so I thought....). Forgot to mention this before, but we woke up in the
middle of the night last week with the washer GUSHING water all over the kitchen/living room..... And.... It did it again :) The incident this past week involved significantly more water and significantly more irritation. We were quite the sight, two sleep deprived sisters sloshing water out the front door with a broom at midnight. Good times :)

On Wednesday we had our mission conference with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the build up was so so worth it. I don't even know what to say or where to start. When we first got to
the stake center we were all loud and happy to see everyone and it was a blast. Eventually they organized us for our mission picture........ And then he walked in....... No one even breathed! His very presence singlehandedly silenced us all in a millisecond! He just walked to his place, we took a picture and then he looked at us and smiled, thanked us for our reverence and made some corny joke I was too in shock to process. We all got to shake his hand as we went into the meeting :) Elder Robbins from the 70 was there too!!!! It was a powerful, powerful meeting.

E. Holland spoke about the "enabling power of the atonement." Oftentimes we see it as a warm and fuzzy, unclear concept but he doctrinally just blew my mind. It essentially boiled down to how the
atonement gives us 1) the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost and 2) the power and blessings of the priesthood. As he wrapped up and said his warm goodbyes I could feel my heart break. What a wonderful servant of the lord. And Elder Robbins was equally as profound and wonderful! I'm just so grateful!

Besides that, the Arizona wildlife has been on point this week. Lots of snake sightings, scorpion attacks, the elders found a massive lizard in their laundry, and javelina roadkill galore! Hopefully I'll
get transferred back to the city before I get eaten alive...

And :) this past Saturday we FINALLY made it to the temple with Cowboy Bob :''''') this man. Grandpa, as we call him fondly. Man, he just about broke me. He's a stubborn little guy. And Satan's been working so hard on him. But we made it up to Gilbert :) He was so happy. It was cute. He stopped dead in his tracks before he set foot inside the temple doorway. He looked up, looked down, we said "come on, grandpa!" He paused. Took a big old step inside and just started sobbing... I have never seen such a happy man dressed in all white :) He was able to be baptized for his dad. He asked if I would be baptized for his mom. It was one of the most powerful, joyful, spirit of Elijah-filled
experiences I have ever had.

Other than that, life is crazy! Full of dramatic individuals sabotaging FHEs, companions losing purses and cell phones on food trucks, the sun creeping closer and closer to unbearable every day,
I'm convinced I'm allergic to our apartment, and meetings galore :)

I'm grateful for the simple things that help me every day. The scriptures. Prayer. The Holy Ghost. Good friends. Inspired leaders. The church is true and I love it :)

¡Que tenga una buena semana!
Hermana Lund

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1. This week was a big temple week! Got to see the Tucson temple construction site after the mission conference :) so far, so good!
2. We finally made it to the Gilbert temple with Cowboy Bob :') many a tear was shed.
5. Us, grandpa, the greatest Ward mission leader of all time, and the greatest young woman of all time. Dream team.
9. 7 hours of road tripping can take its toll...

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