Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 60 Studying and praying can make our lives more meaningful and joyful

Hola :)

Apparently 'tis the season to drive to Tucson for meetings :) we had the mission conference 2 weeks ago, zone meeting and interviews with president and a trainer meeting this past week and then a half mission conference with a member of the 70 this Friday! I stinkin love it!!!! The spiritual edification is insane! Big fan :)

Other than that, Nogales is still its usual Hispanic self. It's a week early for transfers, but I'll be staying here to finish training Hna Sands til the end of June :) I'm excited! There's a lot of good things
going on.

This week built up to Sunday where Priscilla (recent convert that got baptized in March) brought her family to church. She's the only member and we've been working so hard to get them all there together and they couldn't have picked a better day! Her little brother sang to her mom with the other primary kids and even though he didn't know the words, her mom was just sobbing and sobbing. It was awesome! Spirit of eternal families! BOOM.

We also had another investigator at church named Gordon! We found him on Monday, had a church tour on Tuesday, and he came to church Sunday! So fast! So easy! Thanks spirit! You're the real mvp! The coolest part was to see grandpa taking him under his wing, showing him classes and stuff. Grandpa even gave him one of his cherished "Cowboy Bob: Professional Horse Trainer" business cards during the sacrament :') tender moments.

This week my testimony of the basics has really grown. I was reading in Mosiah 10 today. The nephites and the lamanites are back in another battle and Zeniff is taking a trip down memory lane thinking about how in the heck in the world this infamous rivalry even started. A whole bunch of reasons are listed but two stood out to me. Laman and Lemuel were jealous of Nephi because 1) "the Lord heard his prayers and answered them" (verse 13) and 2) Nephi "departed into the wilderness
as the Lord had commanded him, and took the records" aka the scriptures (verse 16). Who would've thought that this whole mess started because of such basic things.

Studying our scriptures and praying with our whole hearts is essential to survival and happiness. Don't believe me? Read the BOM. Spoiler alert: just believe me. I know that studying and praying can make our lives more meaningful and joyful as we strive to continue to learn and grow in God's way.

Les quiero muchisimo! (Especially you, mom! Happy Mother's Day to the best mom there is!!!) Que tenga una buena semana!!!

Hermana Lund

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