Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 62 (T11)

Hola :)

This week was a good one! Transfers had everyone a little crazy but we stayed so we got all the excitement with none of the stress :) aside from that, we worked. Man, we worked.

Our people right now are all mostly in the English Ward so it's fun getting to hone in on some teaching skills and refine those instead of just the language.

Gordon: he's awesome! He's a referral we got a while back. I don't know if I told you about him but we contacted him, next day had a church tour, Sunday he was at church and had read most of the BOM. He's not the typical non-practicing Hispanic I'm used to teaching. He's English. Not religious at all so no Catholic. He didn't even had a foundational faith in God!!!!! It was so cool to teach him the legit basics that are so often a part of the culture down here. We've been wanting to set him up with grandpa for a few weeks but for one reason or another grandpa was never free :( BUT! This past Saturday he was finally able to come with us to a lesson. And it was perfect!!!!! Our leaders have reeeeeally been wanting us to stress the importance of repentance and so we had been mentioning it with him a bunch. Saturday we had a lesson about faith, repentance and baptism (hoping to set a
baptismal date with him). Grandpa tied in his experience at the temple and oh it was perfect! We didn't set a baptismal date because he said he wanted to set a REPENTANCE DATE! How awesome is that? :) He's great! The lord has truly softened his heart and filled it with faith in the savior. So cool.

Bro Lee: his wife is a returning member that loves us and feeds us with amazing food til we're about to explode!!!!!!! He usually comes to church with his wife but he has never been super interested in
joining. But! This week he said his first prayer with us!!!!!!!!!!! And man, has he been holding out on us! It was so good!!!!! Little miracles :)

Familia M: Pricilla's family (the recent convert as of March 26th I think). Her mom and brother are progressing slowly but surely. We've been working with them to have family home evenings. I never realized how much of a blessing those can be but wow. It's like the leaders of the church are inspired or something :)

Oh! We received all that training about working with members to do missionary work a while back so we've been working on that. Miracle: we took a mom/daughter team out with us and had them teach a few principles as a part of our lesson (hoping that would give em some more confidence in their missionary abilities). They crushed it! that was last week. This week, we had dinner with them on Monday. We had been asking their family for referrals for months with no luck. So we decided to extend another commitment on service in the family. They said "sure.... Oh by the way, here's a referral for our friend. Can we all go see her right now?" :D so cool. Listen to leaders. They know
what's up. As we follow their guidance, miracles happen.

Other than that, I am PUMPED for this week. Aside from the regular weekly stuff we have ZERO meetings!! I could almost cry :') Just a week to get the lords work DONE!

For pictures, the sunset game has been STRONG. And the mountains are wonderful as always :)

Les quiero! Be good :)
Hermana Lund

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