Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 54 With Great Responsibility Comes Incredible Blessings

Buenos dias :)


Priscilla's baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of the chaos and more led up to Saturday but she was baptized and it was perfect :) The spirit was so strong even with lots of choas. She said she felt like a new person! And then she got the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday!! What a perfect way to celebrate Easter :)

We also got a new bishopric in the English ward after a MONTH without a bishop. It's about time! And it was well worth the wait :) They're all really humble men. Genuine. Missionary-minded. They'll do a great job!

What else? Hmmmm well, grandpa's been doing really good :) It's amazing! He has been in an amazingly good mood for the past few weeks! Coincidence that those are the weeks he went to church? I THINK NOT!

Sister Rodriguez is a champ. We've laughed a lot this week. We've also cried a lot this week. I won't get into specifics but sometimes missionary work breaks your heart. When we are baptized we promise to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that need comfort. Missionary work has allowed me to try and do that on a completely different level. It makes me think of the women's conference this past weekend: All about service! SOOO GOOD!!!!!! We must help those around us and share their burdens. "The Lord has laid a high responsibility upon us." With great responsibility comes incredible blessings.

Hna R will probably get her mission call this week (fingers crossed!!) so that'll be special! But she has to get back to reality this weekend so starting Friday I'll be in a trio up in Tucson (probably. It wouldn't be my life if there wasn't a little twist in there). Hopefully I'll be with one of my old companions and in my first area so that'll be nice! I'll be there Friday-Tuesday. Saturday we get transfer calls and I'll find out about my new companion :) I'll pick her up on Tuesday and all will go back to "normal."

Can I just say I am STOKED for conference! Like, incredibly excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like such a dork. With the challenge from our mission president we've been teaching Lesson 1 (The Restoration), or a part of it, every single day. When you talk about the blessings of modern day prophets and revelation for 30 days in a row, it gets you a little bit giddy! Plus I've been trying to reach my goal of reading all of last conference before this one. I was a little behind so I feel like I've been drinking out of a fire hydrant... it's AWESOME! :)

Conference always makes me think of home. It reminds me of all of us squishing on the little blue couches, mom knitting, dad valiantly trying not to doze off, linda doodling, and me somehow always getting stuck sorting through the bottomless sock box. It was the best :) The gospel truly does bless families :) And what a blessing general conference is. It is a form of scripture. It is God's words completely up to date revealed by His incredible servants. Just because it comes to us with a click of a mouse doesn't diminish it's value in comparison to the book of mormon or the bible. All revelation has required work and sacrifice. And all revelation can bring about miracles if we do our part.

So. Go to conference prepared! Go with questions, a game plan, and an open heart. I will try to do the same :)

I love you all! Have an amazing life-changing week and weekend! Be good :)

Hermana Lund

1. Hna Rodriguez, Grandpa, and Max :)
2. Elders sometimes...
3. As Priscilla said, this is the OLD Priscilla!
4. And this is the NEW Priscilla :) the girls next to Hna R are the ones that introduced Priscilla to the church. They're AMAZING.
5-end. We had Easter dinner with all of them yesterday... The highlight was when Priscilla changed her religion on Facebook :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 53 We Became Conquerors

Hola :)

Here we are again!

Monday and Tuesday was mostly just Hna H saying goodbye to people. President and Sister Passey came and picked her up on Wednesday morning. They also brought down my new mini missionary companion :) her name's Hna Rodriguez! She's from my first area so it's cool to see her a year later! She just put her papers in on Sunday!!!! Hopefully she'll get that while she's here in the next two weeks! She'll probably be the only person to open her letter as a missionary! It's been a real tender mercy though because she's related to about 80% of the Spanish Ward so she knows allllll the inside scoop!

Priscilla has been a big part of our week. She's getting baptized this Saturday :) she has just soaked the gospel up like a sponge. It's been cool to see how much she's gone through (even since we met her) and yet how open her heart is. She doesn't reject the tougher promptings of the spirit, she just rolls with it. She's also become OBSESSED with repenting hahah. Every time we come over she's always excited to tell us the people she has apologized to, or the little changes she's made. You can see it in her eyes. Her burdens are being, not just taken but THROWN off of her shoulders. We met her two weeks ago and she is completely different. The gospel will never cease to amaze me!

One miracle with her happened yesterday! She wasn't feeling very good but we went over on Saturday and she said she was going to come to church but she needed a ride. After some chaos we arranged one and we were all set! ... Come Sunday morning she texted us and said she wasn't feeling good so she wasn't going to be able to come. Welp. Welcome to the life of a missionary :) disappointments make miracles even more miraculous. So we go to church and we're just sitting in
gospel principles a little disappointed... And PRISCILLA WALKS IN :D the friend that introduced her to the church had quite literally dragged her out of bed. But she came :) and she nailed her baptismal interview and we were able to announce her baptism for this Saturday!

That morning after she had cancelled, I opened up my scriptures randomly. First verse I saw was Jacob 7:25
25 Wherefore, the people of Nephi did fortify against them with their arms, and with all their might, trusting in the God and rock of their salvation; wherefore, they became as yet, conquerors of their enemies.

We had fortified ourselves and done everything in our power, we trusted in the Lord, and we became conquerors :)

I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a happy Easter :) get ready for general conference :)
Hermana Lund

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1-2. Got my first manicure last week with Hna H and Sis Webb :)
3. Our district had a little jam session last week. Good times...Commemorative Polaroids were taken. We also discovered that elder Anderson is a lot whiter than we thought :P
4. Priscilla's daughter, Ali, literally feasting on the words of Christ.
5-6. Meet Hna Rodriguez :) my mini missionary companion for the next 2 weeks!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 52 You'll Find New Life. Pinky Promise.

Hola de neuvo :)

Como estan?

This week has been awesome!! Hna H is getting ready to head home on Wednesday and Heavenly Father has lined it up perfectly. After weeks of sewing the reaping has finally begun!

On Tuesday I had the best exchange of my whole mission with Sis H. She's incredible! She's been out a few months and her perspective and love and attitude was so refreshing. Couldn't have come at a better time. We talked a lot. And she snapped me out of my little funk :) Miracle.

Wednesday we had Zone Meeting in Tucson (roadtrip wootwoooot)! It was awesome as always! Two focuses were our March Challenge and the new Easter video that came out yesterday (more on that later)! As a mission in the month of March, each companionship is trying to teach Lesson One (The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ) at least once a day. Easy enough, right? haha... As a mission and as a companionship we have seen so many miracles as we have been more restoration-minded! It's such a cool goal. Hna H and I were trying to do all 31 lesson 1's before she goes home... we're close but it's gonna be tight!

Thursday. Oh my gosh. Thursday. So. Along with the march challenge, our mission president's wife, Sis Passey, has a goal to go out and teach with every sister companionship..... and Thursday.... was our turn...... Oh my goodness. The whole morning I couldn't focus, I was just terrified. When comp study rolled around we both just flopped on the ground and napped for 5 minutes. Put two perfectionists in a high-stress situation... mmmm... good luck... But the lessons all went great! Sis Passey is so awesome! The thing I probably love most about her teaching is her tone of voice. She could be talking about how to make an apple pie and yet her tone of voice still manages to bring the spirit straight up to the doorstep of your heart. So cool! Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Patagonia to see grandpa, Max, and Willy :)

Friday.... WE WENT TO THE GILBERT TEMPLE! YUP! THAT'S RIGHT! We blew straight on past the mission boundaries and got Iscela to the temple :) We got permission, so don't freak out, mom. But Iscela got baptized back in October. After lots of chaos we were able to go with her, her husband, her son, and her mother in law. Twas a fun, loooooooong roadtrip. So so worth it. She was able to be baptized for her grandmother :) I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

OH! Definite highlight of my mission so far. So. For some miraculous reason my body has been able to inhale massive portions of Mexican food until I feel like I'm about to pop for about a year.... But if you throw in some Chinese food and Indian food on the same day..... Forget about it. I spent most of Saturday out of commission, throwing up every last garbanzo bean. Another confirmation I was truly called of God to serve Spanish Speaking.
I'll stop rambling, but you all should definitely check out the new easter video/website:

It is an amazing gift that we have the power and privilege to be baptized for our loved ones that have passed on so that they may be happy. We can do something for them that they can't do for themselves. It is also an amazing gift that Jesus Christ suffered, died, and was resurrected for all of us so that we may be happy. He did something for us that we couldn't do for ourselves. In Gospel Principles yesterday our teacher said something so direct and so profound. If we refuse to let the Savior pay for our sins, we have to pay for them! Don't remain in darkness and despair when the price has been paid with such love and purity. Turn to Christ. Follow Him. You'll find new life. Pinkie Promise.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Be happy :) Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day!!!!Hermana Lund

1. Exchanges.
2. You're welcome....
3. Chickfila after zone meeting! (Totally contacted the lady that took the picture 👊)
4. Modified jumping pictures...

We all needed some cheering up :) the elders got in on it too!

Patagonia day :)

Gilbert temple :)

More Gilbert :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 51 Exercising faith in The All-Powerful

Hola familia :)

Crazy crazy week. Never a dull moment.

We've been working a lot with less actives and recent converts. I'm not sure if that's the cause or effect but our investigator pool has been pretty limited to a few people that we've felt like we've just been dragging along.

So last Sunday we went in to ward council and were completely honest with everyone. We tried to be as dignified as possible but we essentially said, "We need to find investigators and we can't do it alone. HELP!"

Well. Ask and ye shall receive :) The next day we got a referral from our bishop! A really close family friend. (No pressure right). We contacted her on Tuesday and she is incredible!!!!!! So prepared. So kind. She was just sobbing in the lesson. Such a miracle.

Then on Saturday us and the elders got 10 referrals!!!! It was like Christmas!

We got to contact a bunch of them! One of them is a member's girlfriend. Her name is Priscilla :) She's 16. So kind. So sweet. So willing. In Preach My Gospel it encourages missionaries to invite investigators to be baptized in the first lesson. I've done it before but most of the time the person is like "Wow! Hold up! Uhhhh I feel like I need to learn more!" So then we say "it's just a goal to work towards" and sometimes they're more comfortable with the idea. But with Priscilla, we invited her to be baptized and she just said YES! First time in my whole mission. Crazy!

Friday was my one year mark. Absolutely insane. It made me think... I haven't had a good nap in 365 days. I haven't listened to the radio in 365 days. I haven't gotten a hug from my family in 365 days. Then I thought in contrast... I've been serving the Lord for 365 days. I have read my scriptures and said my prayers for 365 days. I've been learning spanish for 365 days. I've been sharing the closest thing to my heart for 365 days.

Sis H had a meeting in Tucson so I got to spend Friday with my old comp Hna B (the one I was just with for 4.5 months). And to make it even better she's serving in my very first area :) it was cool to be back in that same car, same apartment a year later as a completely different person.

I've been thinking a lot about power this past week.

The power of God (priesthood)
The power of Jesus Christ (atonement)
The power of Holy Ghost (revelation)
The power we have been given (agency)

There is so much power we have access to. I think that's why so much of the church is based on living worthy of the priesthood, accessing the atonement, receiving revelation, and using our agency well. Those 4 things cover just about everything.

As we use the power we have been given we will be able to recognize, receive, and continue on with power a lot greater than our own. 2 Nephi 27:23 says: "For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today and forever" (we've been blessed with scriptures that prove that) "and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith." As we exercise faith in The All-Powerful we will experience miracles. I see that every single day.

I love you all :) I hope you all feel a little more empowered. If not, have faith and the power to continue on and continue up will come :)

Hermana Lund

1-2. Remember the puppies from a few weeks ago? Well... They opened their eyes :')
3. Note the Polaroid in the back... Figured out I'm not super great at taking Polaroid selfies. But the other one was after we set a baptismal date of the 26th with Priscilla :) we were a little excited