Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 24 Tacos, Tendons, Transfers, and Tattoos (T5)

Hola :)

This week was nuts. Complete chaos all leading up to Friday (which was our combined taco fiesta single-handedly executed by 4 sister missionaries and the best family ever) and Saturday which was baptism day and transfer calls.....

On Monday I got to talk to my recent convert from Tucson... Remember H&P? Well, H blessed the sacrament yesterday and he was so dang excited :) I felt like such a proud mom.

Oh! You'll get a kick out of this... We came up with this game this week. I'm pretty sure I've told you about Tiwi before (the lil machine in all the mission cars that yells at you when you go 7 over the speed limit). Well. The game is... whenever the driver gets yelled at by tiwi, you switch drivers until they get yelled at by tiwi........ Needless to say, I've driven a whopping total of about 20 minutes this past week :) You can take the girl out of Boston but you can't take the Boston out of the girl :)

Wednesday was a really good day. Lots of running around (picking up stuff for the fiesta, printing baptismal programs, etc) but it was a lot of fun! And we were able to have 2 lessons back to back with 2 awesome investigators where we set baptismal dates!! One of em is married and her husband told her he wasn't going to go to her baptism and she was like... "Oh well!" :) She's so prepared... She stinkin knew what an endowment is... Her date is set for the 19th of September :)

Okay. Friday. Long story short, we got to the church in the morning with the other sisters and started setting up, giving us plenty of extra time. Lunch time rolled around so Hna M and I went to get food. We come back a little while later and we see one of the other sisters laying on the ground with her foot on a chair, her companion holding a bloody paper towel to her ankle. She had sliced the back of her heal on one of those chair cart things JUST LIKE LINDA!! It was really deep. Through a huge fiasco and some assistance from some elders we managed to get her to the doctors. They poked and prodded and tweezed and man, it was actually really really cool. Like part of you wants to throw up in a trash can but there is absolutely no way you're gonna pass up on seeing a doctor hold someone's tendon with a pair of tweezers :) She partially severed her Achilles tendon which isn't ideal.. but she's tough :) So that killed a few hours so we were running around frantically the half hour before the fiesta was supposed to start.

5 minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive, we realized we needed some ice!!! So Hna M and I hopped in the truck and booked it to the gas station. As we got there, a man held open the door for us. Hna M asked him his name... He said it was Jim.... Turns out he was a former investigator that we have been trying to contact for WEEKS!! So Hna M snagged some ice, I set up another time we could see him and we were off :) Really cool miracle and the fiesta was great :)

Saturday. The baptism of A&A. The two sisters. So beautiful. Not a dry eye in the house :) And transfer calls came............ Hna M is headed to a border town Everyone says she's gonna get kidnapped and hear gunshots and such but she's really excited :) and I'm staying here with...... Hna B :D I've only had brief conversations with her, but I've heard only wonderful, positive things about her :) I'm really excited :)

Sunday. A&A got confirmed :') and we also made plans with them to go to the temple to do baptisms on Wednesday :) we also got to go to a special fireside from Al Fox Carraway also known as the Tattooed Mormon. She's a convert from New York with a killer story, a super successful blog, and AMAZING public speaking skills. So so so cool. We were able to snag a picture with her afterwards with A&A and our sister training leaders :)

The takeaway I got from her story was TRY. Just try. There's that Gordon B. Hinckley quote, I think... "Try a little harder to be a little better." And the power of just TRYING is so underrated. I've seen so many nonmembers, members, and even missionaries that have just given up. Just try. God loves us. We have been given an incredible gift to choose. Agency. "As you submit your will to God's, you are giving him the only thing that you can actually give him that is yours to give." Turn to him through prayer, reading your scriptures, and TRYING and you will be blessed. I know it. I've seen it.

I love you all :) Que tenga una buena semana :)
Hermana Lund

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