Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 20 Blessings Come After Tribulations


Okay, so I feel like immediately after I email you guys, EVERYTHING happens. Last week was really really hard, honestly. So p day was such a blessing. After we emailed, we went to this investigators home and got to play with horses and their baby goats :) hence the pictures...

That was a lot of fun. And then that night I was feeling really discouraged and I was writing in my journal and being all mopey and dramatic and then Sister Munk said "oh! We have a missed call from a 520 number..." "That's a Tucson number....?" So we called it back.... And it was my old zone leaders!! Some of my best friends!! They just called to check in :) it was a total answer to a prayer :') it's been hard being isolated from all the other Spanish missionaries I got so close to, especially when a lot of the English missionaries here just think we're here to steal their investigators but challenge

So that was one miracle.... And then on Tuesday I got a call from Hna Townley and her new companion in my old area. They've been visiting our recent converts H&P... So. H&P had some reservations about paying tithing which was a huge roadblock in teaching them, but eventually they were ready to act in faith, get baptized and pay tithing and wait for the lord to provide :) so when Hna townley called she said that somehow, magically, coincidentally, all of these bills that H&P had.... HAD BEEN PAID!!!! I burst into tears. No shame. Oh my goodness. God loves us and he wants to take care of us... Yeeesh. I still can't believe it :') H also got the priesthood yesterday :')

Other than that, this week was pretty uneventful... Lots of service, helping people move, going to the food bank. Yesterday was one of those stereotypically rough missionary days where you try and visit 15 homes (yes, we counted) and no one was home or wanted to see us... And then we got stuck out in the rain. Yeah... That was an "endure to the end" kind of day. But I love those days, cuz it helps me remember why I'm here :)

Oh! We got to have a lesson with these investigators IN THE TEMPLE!!! It was just in the waiting room... But they were so amazed by the spirit that was there... It was amazing :) being so close to the temple is such a blessing! Yesterday when it was raining there was a HUGE rainbow that led straight to the temple :) it was beautiful.

Anyways. I love you guys!!! The church is true :) I know we're never alone and that blessings come after tribulations :)

Les quiero mucho!!
Hermana Lund

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