Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 25 Nothing is going as planned and it's wonderful

Hola :D

This week was nuts!!! SO many miracles!!

Let's start with transfers :) My new comp Hermana B is as wonderful as every says she is. She's funny! She's an AMAZING musician! And she teaches with such power and humility.. she's amazing :)

On Tuesday, her first day here, we were able to go to the temple to watch our recent converts A&A do baptisms for the dead :') What a way to start the transfer! We also snagged some pictures with us and the Branch President's daughters :)

We've also been taking advantage of the many missionary discounts here! We went to the free snow cone place with 2 of our favorite sisters in the zone, which was a blast! The other picture, where we're holding the white things preceeded one of the funniest moments of my mission...

We've heard AMAZING things about this Mexican drive through place called Mechy's and their Chile Relleno Burros. We also know the lady who owns it :) So we decided to try it out... A chile relleno burro is basically a really hot green pepper stuffed with cheese, breaded, and wrapped in a glorious flour tortilla.... Usually the seeds (the spiciest part) are taken out.... These ones weren't. We gradually realized just how spicy these little burros were and we had to drive home and chug a carton of milk. It was pretty funny :)

In terms of miracles, it has been amazing how in charge the Lord really is. About 99% of our plans fell through this week. And because of that we ended up being able to contact 3 people I haven't been able to see the whole time I've been here. One really cool experience... Hna B plays the viola. She's a total rockstar. And she had been saying that she was hoping to see if there was someone here who had one that she could play. So. First day here. All our plans fall through, so we do a hail mary and try to see this woman who hasn't come to church in a looong time. And she opens the door!!!!! Not only that, but she totally opened up and agreed to come back to church! And then her daughter comes in with a viola case.... Turns out she had gotten the viola THE DAY BEFORE WE GOT THERE! What are the odds???? MIRACLE!

Oh, also... We have this investigator that was planning on getting baptized on the 19th.... Yesterday, she came up to us at church and asked if she could get baptized this saturday instead!!!!!!!!!! ..... CLARO QUE SI!!!!!!!!! And her husband that originally said he would have nothing to do with her and our church, agreed to come to the baptism and is totally supportive :D

Nothing is going as planned and it's wonderful :) A man's heart deviseth the way but the Lord directeth his steps. He's in charge and it's so much better that way :)

Oh! also I hit my 6 month mark this past week!! Crazy. This time has flown by. I'm glad that I'm done learning most of the big logistical missionary things so I can focus more on fine tuning certain skills and getting lots of good work done :) This next year is gonna be a crazy one :)

Thanks for all the love and support!!!!

Les quiero
Hermana Lund

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