Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 21 Month 5!

HEY :)

So this week I hit my 5 month mark......... Yup. 5 whole months. I'm still processing.... but yeah! Craziness!!! :)

So... this week...

Well. So Hermana M has had these bad stomach aches and head aches so we went to the doctor on Tuesday, I think.......... We had thought she might be allergic to gluten or something else...... PLOT TWIST! SHE HAD STREP THROAT :D woooohoooooooo! Definitely didn't see that one coming... So we spent much of the beginning part of the week inside the apartment (lots of good Book of Mormon study time which was awesome!!). And I honestly don't really get sick. And I feel like our family had a "rub some dirt on it" kind of attitude about sickness so I've never been much of a CALL A DOCTOR! STAY HOME! CANCEL EVERYTHING!!! kind of person... But let's just say we're pretty sure I have strep too and we're gonna go to the doctor in the next few days :)

Oh, so there's this one family we've been teaching. They're stinkin hilarious, I love em so much! The dad hasn't gone to church in a while, and the mom and two teenage daughters aren't members. The teenage girls have been wanted to get baptized but the parents were really hesitant. But after weeks and weeks and weeeeeeeks of praying, WE GOT THE GREEN LIGHT :D they're getting baptized on the 29th :)

But this family, oh my gosh. They crack me up. Their newest hobby has been finding celebrity look alikes for Hna M and I :) apparently the other day they were watching Disney channel and there was this one girl on a random show I've never heard of that looked like me.... Let's just say she's super dorky and has an interesting fashion sense :P we were laughing for a good long while.

Oh! Amazing amazing story!! So our ward mission leader has these two little twin girls :) cutest lil things! They call us the "manas" :) but so Brother W was at work and Sister W left the two twin girls inside with some of their cousins while she did some yard work. After a while she noticed all the cousins had gone to play in the backyard, but the twins were nowhere to be found. So she got this prompting to go in the house and find the girls! She ran inside and found them in the bathtub with the water running and their little faces just barely above the water... Crazy! But we're glad they're okay. Thank heavens for the Holy Ghost.

To all the mormons out there, this is for you!!!

Doing missionary work as a member and not a full time missionary can be tough. You don't want to overstep your bounds, make relationships awkward, seem too pushy... I understand. But that doesn't mean it's not worth it. Sometimes it just takes a little extra faith and a little extra prayer :) So. My invitation for all of you comes from a quote from Neal A. Maxwell.

He said "The key to successful member missionary work is the exercise of faith. One way to show your faith in the Lord and His promises is to prayerfully set a date to have someone prepared to meet with the missionaries. I have received hundreds of letters from members who have exercised their faith in this simple way. Even though families had no one in mind with whom they could share the gospel, they set a date, prayed, and then talked to many more people. The Lord is the Good Shepherd, and He knows His sheep who have been prepared to heard His voice. He will guide us as we seek His divine help in sharing His gospel."

We have priesthood power. We have the Book of Mormon. We have a modern day prophet. And there are people in the world who have absolutely no idea. Exercise faith and set a time to have missionaries come over teach someone in your home. I promise you will be blessed with missionary opportunities and the spirit in your homes and in your hearts will be strengthened.

Sorry this email's so choppy... but les quiero mucho!!!

Hermana Lund :)

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