Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 15 Elder Corbridge

Hello again :)

Life's good :) On Tuesday we had Elder Corbridge from the 70 come for our half mission conference!!!! He's the guy that wrote the 4th missionary talk! If you haven't read it..... READ IT NOW! He's amazing!!!!!! And so Monday night we got a text from President asking Hna Townley if she would be okay having an interview with Elder Corbridge!!!!!!!!!!!! We were both kinda freaking out... I was a little bummed too, not gonna lie. But I was happy for her nonetheless :) So we go in on Tuesday morning and she goes in for her interview.... and then afterwards they all come out and Elder Corbridge says "Hermana Lund, could you come in here for a minute?" ................. PURE PANIC SET IN. Yeesh. I felt like I was getting called into the principal's office.......... if the principal was a member of the quorum of the stinkin 70!!! AH. But he just wanted to talk :) He's an amazing guy :) We had a great conversation :) And the rest of the conference with him was amazing too :)

Other than that, this week was pretty uneventful. Lots of little miracles here and there :) Turns out 2 of our investigators work together! Like in the same department! :) Coincidence... I think not!

OH! This week we did a TON of service! We went back to that school and cleaned that with 12 other missionaries from the zone which was a blast :) And then on Saturday we painted a house :D BRIGHT ORANGE! I love Mexicans.... But it was an ex-investigator's son! And we got 6 elders to come and help too, which was great! He was very grateful for the help :) He said he wants to throw a little party for us to celebrate! We were able to tie in the Word of Wisdom a little bit there and give him a pamphlet ;)

Oh..... It's still REALLY hot. But not as bad as last week.... That was killer. We're hoping that was the worst of it. But the monsoon season is starting :D We've hardly gotten any rain here, but these really dark clouds roll in and everything just gets dark and the LIGHTNING! AHHH LOVE IT! SO COOL! .. But yeah. Apparently there's been a lot of rain in East Tucson... Maybe they'll share some with us this week :)

OH! and we got a call on Saturday morning to teach relief society yesterday! So that was exciting!! :P Definitely not our best lesson.... but learning experiences, right? :P Plus, the branch here is just amazing. It's going to be so hard to say goodbye.

Para terminar, quiero compartir algo chiquito en espanol para mostrar a mi madre que en realidad estoy aprendiendo espanol :P Se que no soy perfecto. Se que Dios nos ama. Se que nadie esta solo en la tierra. Lei la escritura esta manana en 2 Nefi 28:30. "Pues he aqui, asi dice el Senor Dios: Dare a los hijos de los hombres linea por linea, precepto por precepto, un poco aqui y un poco alli; y benditos son aquellos que escuchan mis preceptos y prestan atencion a mis consejos, porwue aprenderan sabiduria; pues a quien reciba, le dare mas; y a los que digan: tenemos bestante, les sera quitado aun lo que tuvieren." He aprendido que esta escritura es cierto. Tenemos que aprender poco a poquito. Como un videojuego :) Tenemos que vencer un nivel antes que seguimos. Poco a poquito :)

Que tenga una buena semana!
Hermana Lund

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