Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 11 Bugs, unBearable Heat, and Brand New iPads

Hey :D

Crazy week! We got iPads today!!! Hna Ellis and I were the last ones in the mission to get em but it was worth the wait!!! Such an amazing tool! I'm excited to use em more :)

It's been HOT. VERY HOT. Like REALLY REALLY REALLY HOT. Our car thermometer is a little dramatic but only a little and yesterday it said it was 116 degrees.... It's been a good time :) it's exhausting though... Just staying awake the whole day in this heat is exhausting!!! I've never been so tired... But it's all for a good cause :)

Oh! Linda, you'll get a kick out of this! WE HAVE BED BUGS :D hahah yup! They're real. I remember when you emailed home and said you had bedbugs I was like "hahah bummer" but my goodness they are a pain in the butt! Their bites feel like fire ant bites... They like itch and sting and mmmm no me gustan por nada. We haven't figured out how to say bedbugs in Spanish so we just call em Los insectos del diablo :) I've got 23 bites on my feet :) we're still waiting for the exterminator to get back to us so we've been living in our living room and sleeping on our lil baby couches and washing all our stuff into the wee hours of the night :) last night we went to sleep on our couches and then at 2:30 in the morning someone banged on our window really loud and scared us to death!!!! Man. Thought we were gonna die. We were all sleepy and disoriented and freaked out. Man it was scary! We stared at the window for like an hour before we finally fell back asleep... still have no idea who it was or what they were doing but welcome to Tucson :) hahah everyone's either a catholic, a college student, or a hippie... If you're lucky you get all three :) haha

Transfers are next Tuesday and I'm gonna be done with training so we'll see what happens :) off the record Hna Ellis is probably going to go... She's been in this area since before Christmas! She's only
got one transfer left though but yeah... She's probably gone. Meaning I'll probably be taking over the area!! :S everyone loves Hna Ellis, and I don't blame em! She's amazing! She's so experienced and loving and I can only hope to be like her one day... But she's got some really big shoes to fill. I'm gonna be praying a lot this week. We get calls on Friday and Saturday :)

Aside from the heat and the bugs and the crazy sleepless nights, the work here is amazing :') we went on exchanges this week and I got to go with Hna Hubert :) she's amazing! And she's got great taste in
music :) we had a blast! And to finish off the night we had an amazing first lesson with this part member family. This has been such a blessing.

Also, we have this investigator that has been uncomfortable praying. Most people are at first. Heck, I didn't want to pray in Spanish the first few weeks I was out here. But today we were guided by the
spirit, changed our lesson topic and talked about prayer. To finish the lesson she offered the sweetest, sincerest prayer I have ever heard. She is an amazing woman and she's really in touch with the spirit. She's really taught me the power of sincere prayer.

There was a scripture I found this week that's just been stuck in my head. It's in d&c 64:25. This chapter is talking about all these people who need to man up, get to work, and repent. It says:  

"Wherefore, if ye believe me, ye will labor while it is called today."

If we believe in God. If we believe in Jesus Christ. If we believe in the need to repent.... What the heck are you waiting for? Today is a beautiful day to get to work :) and it's all centered on faith and
belief in him :)

I love you all. I encourage you all to think about what you have faith in. And then labor while it is called today :)

Los quiero mucho :)
Hermana Lund

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