Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 13 CHECK

Hoooooooola :) Como estan?

This week.... My gosh..... 13 might not be my lucky number any more. This week was hard. I'm WIPED. Ugh. Okay. So you know how I hit that car? Yeah.... that's been a fiasco... Coming to the library to fill out online paperwork, talking to the insurance guy in salt lake, taking pictures, talking to the vehicle coordinator. Oh! and our car's name is Chuckie :) It used to be Charlotte but then we got Tiwi (the lil safety thing that yells at us when we drive fast......... we don't get along) which has a man's voice so we changed it to Charles. And I nicknamed him Chuckie :) So! poor Chuckie's been through so much. There was that liiiiiiil accident (paint scratches, nothing more). And then we had to take him to the dealership to get something done on the emission something? I don't even know.... and then the dealership called and was like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you have ZERO oil. like ZERO..... So that was exciting. So I was calling the vehicle coordinator, calling the dealership, trying to call our dinner appointment cuz we were gonna be late... my word. Pure chaos. But it's all good :) I just hate when all this administrative junk makes it so that we can't really visit people. That was hard. But hopefully this week will be a little bit better :)

MY NEW COMPANION :D She's from Ogden, Utah (classic :P). She's 21! She's 5 feet tall :P and she's got a killer testimony. And you can tell it's hers. She just uses her personal experiences to share what she believes and it's awesome! This is her first new area so I think it's been hard for her transitioning, but it's been great! We get along pretty well :)

OH! Another random chaotic thing about this week! We went to Mount Lemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now... if you're not excited for me, you should be! Mount Lemon is like OFF LIMITS for missionaries. It's like this legit mountain (not like A mountain). And we, along with 3 other sets of sisters got to go to girls camp there!!! It was gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous. My goodness. There was DIRT and MUD!!!! and TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no cactus........ It seriously felt like another world! We got to do a lil activity with the girls where we talked about fears. Everyone got this board (about 8"x8"x.25" or something) and wrote their fears on them or things that hold them back. and then.......... we broke em :D Like the missionaries/leaders held them up and the girls just punched it til it broke...... Hna Ellis had done it at girls camp way back in the day... but the boards were a lil easier to break. So these poor girls' hands were bright pink... But they all broke em :) My hands still hurt from holding the boards up. We like had to bend it as much as we could for them so they could break em :P But it was awesome!!! Oh! and we went on exchanges because it was Hna Ellis' idea so Hna Ellis and I were back together again for a day :) It was nice to just talk and catch up and drive through the mountain.... mmmmmmm. Living the dream :)

MMMM! We found this new investigator this week and her 4 grandkids and we were gonna do a church tour with them on Saturday. So we woke up at 6:00and cleaned the church with the elders until that capilla sparkled :) We went home and got ready, came back........ and there's all these cars. at 10 on a Satuday at the church...... so we started to freak out...... turns out there was a funeral!!!!! So we were like shoot, we're gonna have to reschedule, but she really wanted to come to church and ahhhh... but then she stood us up so it was fine hahaha :P Seriously though. Answer to prayers.

And then I gave a talk yesterday!!!! My topic? ................... Relief Society..................... Yup. Of alllllllllllll the gospel topics of the world.... Relief Society. I feel like as soon as someone mentions relief society in a talk, all the guys and kids are like "ope! not about me... I'm just gonna nap!" and then all the women are like "oh! I already know about this... I'm just gonna nap!" and so literally no one pays attention. I tried to swing it into a "how we can all be disciples of christ" kind of thing but it was definitely not my best work :P BUT. The lady that stood us up on Saturday CAME!!!! With her husband and her grandkids. MIRACLE.

Prayer works. I promise :) Pray a little more. I know that God exists and I know that we're on this earth to be happy. Some days are a little harder than others... but that doesn't mean we aren't loved and it doesn't mean we can't find joy in the journey :)

I feel like that's sufficient. But I love you all :) I wish you all the best!

Hermana Lund

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