Monday, July 6, 2015


OH MY GOSH! WHAT A WEEK! AHHH okay. woooo. I'm seriously just so fired up right now! :D

So. Lots of crazy things... I turned 4!!! :D Time is just flying by.. But I love it :)

It's also July!! Which means.......... MONSOON SEASON :''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''D Last week we got a lot of lightning, but this week we got the rain! My goodness gracious! It's glorious :')

Oh! but on Tuesday we were having dinner with the elders and this family and all of a sudden it started HAILING! Like HUGE golfball sized hail! IN TUCSON!! It was crazy! We all ran outside and had a lil spanish freak out :P It was crazy!

But! The next day we went to go see our GOLDEN INVESTIGATORS, H&P, and they told us that their whole roof had gotten wrecked because of the hail. Roof ripped off, water dripping down into walls, etc etc. We both felt terrible! We offered to help but there's not a whole lot we can do but wait for insurance and all that nonsense. But the next day we wanted to stop by and give them something to cheer them up :) So after many struggles the elders were able to find us a picture of the Gila Valley Temple :) ADORABLE little temple! Really really pretty! I was hoping to get a picture of the Mesa temple, just cuz that's the temple for our district, and I think it's a little cooler... but oh well. So we left the picture of the temple just on their door with a little uplifting scripture and called it a day :)

So. The next time we saw them was yesterday at church :) They said thank you for the beautiful picture and the scripture. We also felt like we should invite them to share their testimonies if they felt comfortable so we did :) H seemed a little hesitant but he gave us a "sure! uhhh we'll see how we're feeling" kind of answer :P So sacrament meeting started, all was well, a bunch of people shared some really sweet testimonies and then came that awkward moment that comes EVERY fast and testimony meeting without fail when no one's getting up and everyone's just waiting and nudging their neighbor to go up and break the silence. From where we were sitting we could see H shifting around in his seat a little bit :P And then he shuffled around a little more............. and then he got up!!! :D

And he shared how his angelitas (little angels = us) had dropped off this picture of the temple. NOW. HERE'S THE PART WHERE YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN!! He said he had taken the picture, sat down on the couch, and after looking at it for a little bit he fell asleep and had this dream! I don't know what it is with Mexicans and dreams... but my goodness! they've had some cool ones. Anyways! So in this dream, he was at the temple! The same one in the picture, and he saw the angel Moroni motioned to him and inviting him to come to the temple!!! And then RIGHT when the angel Moroni was about to say something to him, P woke him up :P Apparently he freaked out and scared her and thought he had died and all this funny stuff but yeah! In his testimony, he shared how he and his wife can't wait for the day where they're no longer visitors, but members of this church :') I was a whole bucket of tears! OH! and The Mesa temple (the picture I wanted to give them) doesn't have an angel Moroni on it!!! What would have happened if we had given him one of Mesa?? AHHH Craziness!

So last night we had a lesson with them :) We talked a little more about his dream and the BOM and prayer and testimonies. He said "we've been talking a lot about baptism" and so we asked P "When do you want to get baptized?" and she said "I'm ready! But I want to get baptized with H" and so we looked at H. He's been struggling with the ONNNNE thing. And he has been so stinkin close for so long! and finally he said "I feel spiritually ready!" :D PERFECT! So I handed him my iPad with the calendar app open and we got to picking a date! Yeeesh. What an ordeal! A beautiful, wonderful ordeal! It came down to 2 dates the 25th or the 18th of this month. As a companionship we had fasted and prayed and felt that the 18th was the way to go... but we didn't tell them that :P So we eventually said "Well, maybe we can leave you to talk some more and pray about which day is right...." They both looked at each other and paused and then he looked me dead in the eyes, handed me my iPad and said... DIECIOCHO. :'''''''''''''''D They're getting baptized in less than two weeks!

Oh my goodness if you could've seen the look in his eyes! My goodness! I don't even have the words :') Just pure light!

The church is true. The temple is a beautiful, sacred place. Baptism is an exciting, sacred ordinance done under the true power of God and I love being a missionary :) It's been such an honor to be a part of changing people's lives like this.

Thank you for all of your prayers and love :) You're all the best!

Que tenga un buen dia :)

p.s. some things I forgot!!!!

There was THE most amazing sunset this week! You know how usually sunsets are just condensed to this section close to the horizon? NOT THIS TIME! The WHOLE sky was just full of every single color imaginable... Pictures don't do it justice!

Also, Hna Townley got sick on Thursday (threw up a whole bunch) so we stayed it :) Got to do some nice BOM studying and watched Meet the Mormons :) Everyone says that we're going to stay together another transfer just because she's so fragile right but I don't know... I love Sonora. I really really do! And I would love to stay here... but I just feel like I'm running out of things I can do. This area, this branch, this companion just needs a set of fresh eyes, fresh hands, and fresh ideas! We'll see.... We get transfer calls on the 17th/18th so we'll see!

Anyways :) Things are going well :) Working hard :) Staying focused :) Also, all the chocolate is gone :P That whole box....... gone! :P So if you would like to send replenishment that would be AMAZING! And those kind bars were great :) Anything from you guys, even a used tissue, just brightens my day :) ......... And please do not send me a used tissue :P

I love you all SO SO SO SO SOOOOO MUCH!

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