Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 14....I almost killed my companion

HOOOOOOLA :) como estan?

Pues. It's been REAL hot. Like it takes all your energy not to keel over and die every day kind of hot. Yeeeesh. And it's supposed to be 108 the whole week.... so wooohoooo :) and our zone is the hottest (temperature-wise.....) zone in the whole mission. I should've known this would be one of my trials... Sighhhh. But it's all good :) It's sunny :) People take pity on us :) It's all good :)

... But I did almost kill my companion. Not like she was being annoying so I wanted to strangle her or anything. But I seriously almost killed her. So..... I like to work hard..... Like ridiculously hard. Especially when I'm mad :P And when it's hot outside, I tend to get a little mad and frustrated, so I just work and work and work and since I've been in the area the longest I was kind of calling the shots. So I was having us run around and visit eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveryone. Driving. In the car. Out of the car. Hurrying. Going going going. And so on Tuesday, Hna Townley got reeeeeeeally sick :/ I felt horrible. I almost worked my companion to death. I'm a little proud... but also not at all. This heat is just such a game changer in terms of what we can realistically do. I'm not used to having to adapt based on weather. I'm more of a plow-right-through kind of a worker. But our goal this week is to work smarter and safer :)

The members and investigators here just have my heart, 100%. We had a Father's Day fiesta on Saturday with carne asada y frijoles y musica and my goodness, I just love these people with all my heart. It's going to be so hard to leave. But it's all good :) I know the Lord has a plan and it'll all work out :)

Oh! So this week I got to organize this huge service project with a member of our branch. She's been cleaning schools for like 20 years and she asked if some missionaries could help. We got 12 missionaries and 2 members to come help :) It was awesome! We just cleaned this little school for 2 hours and then they took us out to Chinese :) What a treat!

Oh! So these investigators!! This one couple just has my whole heart. They're just so wonderful and loving and ready to be baptized :') So we went over and we asked if they had had the chance to read at all. And he was like "ohhhh well... no.... work got a little busy... no.......OH WAIT! Actually, I read all of Ether!!" ....... He just casually read the whole book of Ether in one sitting!! :'D Seriously wanted to cry. He's such an amazing example to me! The scriptures are such a blessing. Especially the Book of Mormon. In my personal study this week I found this scripture in 2 Nephi 22:3. It says:

"Therefore, with JOY ye shall draw water out of the WELLS OF SALVATION."

First of all, I just loooooooooove the language of the scriptures. My trainer used to describe reading scriptures as filling up this big old pool or a bucket with water. We have to show up with our bucket and fill it as much as we can with good water so that as missionaries we can leave with our buckets and share the water with those we teach. The scriptures are a well of salvation. A well of faith, self discovery, everything that leads to salvation! And we should draw water from that well JOYFULLY. Maybe that means you end up reading the whole book of Ether because you love it so much :) But I know that when we joyfully draw water out of the wells that lead to salvation we can experience peace in our lives through the Holy Ghost.

I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart. Read it. Cherish it. Never take it for granted :)


Hermana Lund :)

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