Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week 12 Confidence, Companion, Car, Crazy about Making Mistakes (T3)

Hola :D

Pues..... todavia estoy en la misma area. Y tengo una companera nueva que se llama Hermana Townley!! Ella tiene 4.5 meses en el campo! Entonces... vamos a aprender mucho juntas :)

... Just wanted to prove I'm actually a Spanish missionary :P

But yeah! New companion!!! It's kind of weird... but Hna Townley is amazing. We've only been together a few hours and I can already tell she's got a killer testimony and a desire to work hard :) Our area is so so so amazing. We have a lot of really amazing investigators. I'm really excited to work hard and help make things happen :) I was reading in 2 Nephi 13 today and in verse 4 it's talking about all these rulers and princes and doctors and lawyers and intelligent, powerful people.... and then it says that "babes will rule over them." I kind of feel like that's how this transfer's gonna be :) Hna Townley and I are so young in the mission. And they're asking us to take over areas, find, teach, and baptize. Crazy. Every single companionship in our zone changed. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Usually a few companionships stay the same... but out of the 10 companionships, every single one changed, including our Zone Leaders. Most of them involving younger missionaries stepping up and taking charge. Kind of crazy. Kind of exciting :)

Funny stories of the week.... mmmmmmm Oh! yeah! I backed into a member's car :D ... Yeah. The member was really nice about it and there was only damage to the paint... but yeah. Still. hahaaa. Ummmmm I don't know :) This week was fun.. I just can't think of very many stories.

Ooooff. Okay. Investigators. A lot of our investigators are struggling with ONE THING. Like they've all just got this oooooooooooooone cosita that's just holding them back from receiving ALL these blessings. Addictions, trouble believing in certain doctrinal points, not following the 10 commandments. Mmmmm man. It's frustrating. But that's just so true. We've all just got that ONE thing. We usually know what it is. Or if you don't know... Ask God and he'll definitely tell you :) But man. I have just gained such a testimony of the importance of just getting rid of those little things. There is such peace and joy that can be found when we sacrifice that ONE THING.

I'm having a hard time thinking of other specific things that happened this week, but life is good :) I love being a missionary :) I love making mistakes! Well, sort of.... But I've been praying to Heavenly Father to help me make all the mistakes I need to in order to learn and be the kind of missionary that makes a difference in people's lives. It's working :) hahah I'm far from perfect. But one day, in the next life, I'll get there :)


Here are some pictures of our District and our Zone :)​

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