Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 71

HEY :)

Wow. Okay. So.

For starters, Hna Jimenez is doing good!! Surgery went well! She's been taking it easy at the mission home, going bored out of her mind but she's alive so we'll take it :) Hopefully she'll be back with us tomorrow or Wednesday!

It seemed like the second she left Heavenly Father was like, "WELL! No excuses to take things slow any more" so we've been SWAMPED. I LOVE it :) Mostly because it's a nice distraction from imminent death but we have seen some CRAZY miracles this week!

For starters, Marcella, Renee, and Juan. They're all about 5 feet tall, cute as can be, straight from Mexico. They've had a rough rough life so far and they saw the church on Wednesday, walked in, talked to a member of the bishopric, and the next night we were all in a member's home having a KILLER lesson. Best part, I told Hna Hernanadez that she was gonna take the lead. Might have been a prompting of the spirit but I was also just really tired... and she CRUSHED IT! :') She took control of everything and was so guided by the spirit! Even when they went on the typical 20 minute hispanic rant about something completely random (no lesson is complete without it), she said "Bummer! But the church is true and Christ will help you with that!" I mean, she said it nicer but AHH so proud :') And then she invited them to be baptized and they said YES :') We left them with the Restauracion pamphlet and had another lesson with them on Saturday. Not only did they read it, but they answered the questions in the back!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE DOES THAT. Heck, I haven't even done that... Milagros! They all came to church yesterday and the ward took them right under their wing! We had 3 other investigators come to church too and all the lessons were so on point! Beautiful, beautiful sunday :')

On a less eternally important note, my favorite part of the week was BIKES. Yeeeeeeeeeeup. Made it almost my whole mission without having to bike... I knew it was too good to be true. We're pretty limited on miles and with doctors appointments and stuff it's gonna be a miracle if we stay under our limit. We had one bike in our apartment left by the other sisters so we went on the search for another one! ... 24 hours later we had a lil BMX bike without a seat and a bike that belongs to an elder who might as well be 7 feet tall...... The Lord always provides :) hahah So Saturday we took off biking in 104 (accidentally picked the hottest day, whoops!) and it was AWESOME!!! Skirts flying, butts bruising, skin baking, chains breaking. It was glorious :) Hahah I loved it! I think Hna Hernandez enjoyed it less than I did... I think we're gonna hang up our helmets for a couple days.

Other miracles: contacted a referral yesterday. We shared a message with her, her family, and her friend's whole family that came over... best part, they fed us pozole afterwards :) OH! We had a SUPER legit monsoon! Power went out and everything :) Trainer and New Missionary meeting was wonderfully edifying as always :) Oh! we were gonna contact a less active named Frankie but he bailed so we talked to a random guy on the side of the road... NAMED FRANKIE. Crazy.

I've been studying "The Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. Find it. Read it. Love it! It's all about WHY Christ did what he did. He quotes Brigham Young, saying "If ALL the sayings and doings of the Savior had been written, the world could not contain them... The world could not understand them." Christ is the center of everything. We have faith in him because he is perfect in every way and it's a blessing to see how his perfection can truly make a difference.

Gracias por todo! Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Lund

1. It's weird starting to say goodbye to everyone...
2. Making progress :)
3. :)
4. (Insert Hermana Jimenez)
5. Before...
6. One of our investigators has a wiener dog :''''')
7. After...

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