Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 69 As the Lord stretches He seems to be holding on tighter and tighter

Hey :)

I realized I didn't really talk about our area last week... It's stinkin awesome! The Spanish game is STRONG! By far the most Spanish area I've served in. Plus the two native companions. It's the best!
The members are SO nice. We had a double dinner last Monday that just about killed us, but do it for the member trust, I guess. Oh! My favorite part of the area is this one member. They're all wonderful
but there's this one Hermana that beats em all. No idea what her name is but she conducts relief society every Sunday. She's about 4 feet tall. Tiny as can be. And oh man, she talks like a munchkin on helium. SO CUTE! But she gets work done. She's a valiant little sucker. She testified of the temple this Sunday and it was so motivational!

This week was awesome! :) Friday, Hna Jimenez had doctors appointments (shes getting her gallbladder out in a couple weeks!!!) up in north Tucson so we stopped by the temple site. They put up the angel Moroni last week and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! We pulled around the corner and
it just gave me the chills!!!! I can't wait for the day I get to go inside :) the construction has been cruisin!

Oh! Crazy thing with that! We were driving back from the temple and we pull up right next to these English elders! We stop at a light and they run out of their car, give us a newspaper with a big old picture of the angel Moroni and pull off! There was this article all about how everything we believe leads to the temple. AMEN :)

Miracle this week! We had zone meeting all about the importance of baptism as the gateway for everything else wonderful (Holy Ghost, priesthood, eternal marriage, exaltation). That night we went out with our ward mission leader and his wife. Our investigator "wasn't home" (her 3 year old opened the door and said so........ Sure...) so we asked them if there was anyone they could think of that we could all visit. They eventually thought of this old investigator family that the elders had dropped because they wouldn't get married. Their names are Luz and Francisco :) We went straight there, they were home, we had a killer lesson about baptism and temples and God's love, and Hna Hernandez invited them to be baptized............. They smiled and said, "Absolutely! And perfect timing too because we're getting married in a couple of weeks!" :') Thanks, Heavenly Father.

The Lord has really blessed us. He's really blessed me. I love my companions, I love my area, I love being a missionary. It's hard and I feel like a rubber band getting stretched to the breaking point every
day, but as the Lord stretches He seems to be holding on tighter and tighter.

Oh!! Also!!!!! Good news!! Priscilla's mom down in Nogales is getting baptized this week!!!!! :) we started teaching her back in March! Hopefully I'll get to go. Eternal families for the win! Also, were
helping this family with family history (I seriously love it so much!) so we might be tagging along with them to the temple this weekend :)
lots of blessings, lots of happiness.

Compórtense bien y tengan una buena semana :)
Hermana Lund

1. We made dinner for our district.... I didn't make the cut in the pic though so they drew me in :) They call me Linder... Haven't figured out why but I'll take it!
2-4. Temple :D
5. First whataburger!
6. Hna H is OBSESSED with cute animals. We went to this one house with 3 dogs and she was in heaven :)

1-2. Finger puppets from mom and dad were put to good use :)
3-6. Hna H hit her one month mark :) it's not hazing, I promise...
7-8. Hna J has a notoriously big smile so we've been taking one normal smiley picture and then a "Smile like Hna J!" picture :) Hna H takes it pretty seriously...

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