Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 70 So many footballs

Hey :)

This week was a big old pile of everything!

For starters, Hna J has been on a jello, pudding, and boiled fruits and vegetables diet... She didn't do too well doing it on her own so we made it a comp thing. My stinkin gosh. We've been eating a lot of boiled apples... It grows on ya :) "Empathy in agony is divinity" right? Her gallbladder's coming out this Wednesday (PRAISE THE LORD) so we'll all be happy about that!

Tuesday I got to spend the day with my old comp, the one, the only... Hna B :) It was awesome being back together just like old times... We were teaching this one lady. Super catholic, super stubborn, super not willing to even say a closing prayer, let alone pray about the BOM. So we said a prayer, were about to leave and then her daughter walks in. She takes one look at us and says, "Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you're here! Can we say a prayer together or something??" ....... The apple always falls ridiculously far from the tree? :) Who knows. But we had this powerful, powerful teaching moment and the comp unity came straight back! Other cool thing... Her name was PRISCILLA!! Like recent convert in Nogales, Priscilla :)

Which leads me to Thursday! Priscilla's mom got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :') We started teaching her back in March! And she finally went through with it!!! To make it even better I got to see Grandpa and all the other members I miss!! And then... SISTER HUBERT SHOWED UP!!! Companion, back at the beginning of the year? Ringing a bell? So good to see her again too!! She and I sang (just like old times) the Baptism song with SISTER PASSEY. Yup. That's right. My mission president's wife drove me alllllll the way to nogales and alllllllllll the way back. 2 hours alone with Sister Passey. My gosh, I don't think I've ever received so much revelation in my life! She's incredible :')

Mmmm what else? Oh! While I was gone, Hna J and Hna H had some BOMB lessons and set a few more baptismal dates :) Oh! and Hna Sands is KILLING it in Nogales :') So proud of all my people.

OH!! Had a horrible lesson with a part member family about prophets on Saturday. Horrible, not as in we botched it, but horrible as in just yeah... The dad is completely inactive and was whipping out Ephesians 5:22junk about women being subject to men and how his wife wasn't doing that... hmmmm keep reading to verse 25... But in the words of Hna H "It was cool to know that the spirit wasn't with them but it was with us." His daughter (our investigator who's been with them for a few weeks and was supposed to stay til the end of July) went back to Mexico early... Asi es!

MMM! So something we learned about Hna H this week: TERRIFIED of footballs. Absolutely terrified. We've been working with her, tossing a football back and forth at lunch, helping her build up her courage! Something we learned about Hna J: TERRIFIED of thunder. Absolutely terrified. After living in what feels like the Sahara Desert for 2 weeks, we finally had a monsoon last night :') Hna H and I were dancing in the rain while Hna J screamed... We had to sing primary songs to drown out the thunder for a solid hour :)

As Hna J was crying, Hna H looks at me and says... "Everyone has a football." Everyone has that thing that makes em shut down, curl up in a ball, cry, scream, the whole everything! For such a young missionary, she's pretty smart.

I feel like I have so many footballs. Every day I seem to discover a new one. But everything works out in the end. I know it. I've seen it. The happily ever after always comes. So rather than just waiting around for it, might as well be part of the team trying to make it happen. "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it. And whosoever will love his life for my sake shall find it." (Matt 16:25) Have hope and have faith in something a lot bigger than us.

Keep Hna J in your prayers... Other than that, we're good! Promise :)

Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Lund

1. Old friends from my first area :)
2. Dream team, back together!
3. Comp study took a turn for the worse...
4. We bribe our people with Panera :) works every time!
5. BAPTISM!!! With all my favorite people :')
6. Osito :')
7. Eeegees is approved in our new diet. Nothing but Tucson's finest!
8. Somehow she gets cold...
9. 102 at 9:35 PM... Ready for winter.

1-2. Our elders!
3. :)
4. Preach!
5. Rain :)
6. She got blood drawn... They collapsed on vein so they went to the
other arm.... She's tough! T-2 days til no more gallbladder!

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