Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 68 July 4th

Okay! So week one, last transfer. Dang. Okay.

So to start, last Monday night was full of tearful goodbyes but I know that Hna Sands will take good care of everyone. I miss her too but I couldn't be any prouder!

Tuesday! We made it to the transfer site in time to see a lot of good friends and to get my new companions!!!!! I am with not one, but TWO NATIVES! Introductions and meeting members have been funny. They usually go like this: "I was born in Mexico but I grew up in Utah!" "I was born in Mexico but I grew up in Nebraska!" ".... I was born in Boston, Mexico?" :) but it definitely has it's perks. My Spanish has gotten so good!! And they keep making/feeding me crazy Hispanic things :) I love em :)

Hna Hernanadez has been out a whole week now :) she's amazing. Really quiet but when she testifies.... Buckle up, ladies and gentleman. She testifies with such power. It's incredible! And Hna Jimenez. She's been out almost 5 months. I'm her second comp but she's the epitome of a bubbly sister missionary which has been the greatest blessing! The members LOVE her and they've opened up so so much! Blessings.

Mm what else? Oh. Our apartment. We have bunk beds :) I get to sleep on the top and feel like a little kid again. It's the best! We also have a cockroach infestation. And the elders scrubbed our floor with Pinesol for 3 hours.

Miracles: we had dinner with our ward mission leader and their neighbor randomly popped up and were gonna start teaching her :) we went to a baptism and found a new investigator who were gonna start teaching tonight!

The Lord's been opening so many doors for us. In the past I feel like I've been pretty cocky about transfers, like I know the members, I know this and that. This time I know nothing. And I've learned he really is in charge. 1 Nephi 17:50.

Sorry I'm short on time. I love this work and I know our Heavenly Father will always take care of us.
Que tenga una buena semana!!

Hermana Lund

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1. Goodbye to Grandma Duke!!
2. Trio :)
4. Lunch with a random member who loves missionaries :)
5. Weekly planning done right!
6-8. It rained pretty bad this week so we made the most of it :)
9. ... 5 weeks?


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