Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 67 Will Ye Also Go Away?

Hey :)

SO. CRAZINESS. But I'll build up to it for dramatic effect.

This week was great! I love Hermana Sands so much! I was skeptical about this whole training thing 3 months ago... But she has taught me so much and been such a light to me. The Lord knows what He's doing!

So highlights from the week:
- planted a garden in our backyard last P day :)
- took grandpa out to Denny's for a belated Father's Day Dinner
- started teaching the new non-member husband of our ward chorister :) (They're all cute and newlywed-y)
- did some service for one of our new investigators who didn't have a good history with mormons but afterwards she gave us popsicles and said "hey, so you teach a bunch of lessons, right? I'd be interested in learning. I'm not planning on converting... but you never know!"
- we've had a pretty good streak of members offering us popsicles every day
- it's rained every single day! Usually only for a couple minutes but still... it's better than the hundreds and everything beyond that.
- Sister Sand's accent game has been STRONG this week. I'm gonna miss her southern-ness.
- Priscilla had her 3 month anniversary as a member!! (TIME FLIES!!!) To celebrate she got her Patriarchal Blessing :') She said she felt like she was right back in the temple! I feel like such a proud mom!

Besides that... Transfers. It's funny because last week I was feeling like I just wanted to die quietly here in Nogales with Hermana Sands, not rock the boat. Then Linda emailed and said that this last transfer is what the Lord has been preparing me for. HAH. Well.

I'm going up to to Los Reales (south tucson) with Hna Jimenez! She's a native with KILLER spanish, just got done being trained by my MTC comp so that'll be a blast. She's out in Wilcox right now so neither of us know a thing about the area... PLUS. WE'RE GETTING A BABY!!! :) Yup! Trio training and pinkwashing. Wooo. So much for dying quietly... I'm super excited and super [insert every other possible emotion].

We had a conference call with all the other trainers last night. President asked for suggestions of things we can do to prepare our new missionary to transition. All the other trainers were saying how important it is to make sure that the members are all prepared for the new missionary, make sure the apartment is clean, set up solid lessons, write down information about your people so they can have a cheat sheet yada yada yada................ I don't even know where our apartment is at, let alone who our people are. I just said we'll be doing a lot of praying :)

The Lord always provides. We are never alone. He always has a plan. The church is true and every other cliche in the book. I'm excited for this last transfer and I know who is in charge. There's a moment in the New Testament after Jesus has performed incredible miracles (feeding the 5,000, walks on water, etc) and he starts to teach about faith in him and repentance. All of a sudden, a whole group of his disciples just up and leave saying "This is an hard saying" (John 6:60). And so Christ turns to his faithful 12 apostles and asks "Will ye also go away?" to which Peter gives one of the most valiant responses: "Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that thou are that Christ, the Son of the Living God" (67-69). We know where peace and truth is found and that is in our Savior. We don't need to wander or even consider going somewhere else. His path is and always will be the right path.

LES QUIERO MUCHO!!!! Que tenga una buena semana :)

Hermana Lund

Tubac community garden! We found this tool that looked like a bunch of ninja stars put together... Photo shoot extremely necessary.

After serving at the community garden we decided to make the most of our square foot patch of dirt in our backyard last pday.... Before. During. After. Strawberries, tomatoes, Rosemary, and basil!

Oh!!! I totally forgot about the picture with the random couple!!!

We got a call this week saying "Hi, we're going down to Mexico and we need some Book of Mormons... Can you meet us in Nogales and give us some?" So we got a bunch of commissary and met up with this absolutely legendary couple from Utah! Most missionary-minded people ever! Total strangers! They gave us lotion and mentos too :)


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