Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 65 nderful

This was another good week! It started off like one of those WHY DID HEAVENLY FATHER GIVE SOME PEOPLE AGENCY?? kind of weeks but turns out agency is wonderful :)

We started doing our one hour a week of family history and man, what a thrill! Hahah but honestly. It's so cool! And it's so dang easy! We've already found a lot of names ready for the temple that hopefully we'll be able to take this weekend :)

We also spent a solid 3 hours at pep boys while they fixed one of our tires... Whoops :)

Hmmm what else. Normal meetings. Oh! And we started our Spanish New Testament class this week!!! Our ward mission leader teaches it and he's the best! I'm definitely developing a greater appreciation for all the words of the prophets, not just the BOM (more on that later).

Oh! Hermana Sands knocked her very first door :') I mean, she's knocked on doors before but we've been drowning in referrals and good good work that we've never had to do the whole "welp, we've got some time to kill, let's knock that random door!" But this week we had a couple extra minutes so she picked the prettiest house on the block and knocked it with such pride :') it was beautiful. A 10 year old kid answered. His name was Kevin. It was also his birthday! We talked to him about God answering our prayers. He was awesome! A ton of faith! And he was the trendiest 10 year old I've ever met! Hope in humanity restored!

We had a couple of awesome lessons with our favorite family the Montijos :) HI PRISCILLA! The spirit has been changing the entire dynamic of their home. They've been reading scriptures and praying together as a family and you can totally tell!!!!!!!! Miracles up the wazoooo have been happening to them! They're our favorites :) Liz (Priscilla's mom) is getting baptized next Saturday too :)))))

Other highlights: rain for the first time in weeks!!!!!! Talks in the Spanish Ward about visiting/home teaching and missionary work in the family. Being at the right place at the right time to share the plan
of salvation with someone who's uncle JUST passed away. Scared Sister Sands upwards of 5 times this week, all with crazy southern reactions :)

On the spiritual side of things, we've been working hard as a companionship to try and read a little bit out of the BOM, New Testament, Old Testament, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Convenants, Preach My Gospel, and a talk EVERY DAY. Man. We haven't been perfect and it's kind of a crazy goal but our studies have been AWESOME. Talking about experiencing the "breadth, and length, and
depth, and height" of Christ's love (Ephesians 3:17-19). Being an "overachiever" by the world's standards, aka a disciple of Christ, definitely has it's perks. Namely, all that the love of God has to
offer. The church is so dang true.

Les quiero mucho!!!
Hermana Lund

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Found the hat section at Walmart :)

Pretty sunset so Hna sands decided to take a video... I hit her in the gut a couple times though :P

1-4. We've heard that our elders lived in a small little house way back in the middle of nowhere... After recruiting some help from our favorite member, Grandma Duke, we were finally able to find it during our dinner hour. We dropped off treats but we found so many random things outside that a photo shoot was SO necessary...
5. Got whacked in the head with a fishing pole

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