Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 66 God knows what He's doing

Crazy week! Lots of ups and downs like always but it was allll worth it!

Monday we started with an FHE with the Montijos :) Priscilla made her famous wings and MY GOSH. I'm kind of a chicken with spicy stuff but DANG. Mmmm. It was so bad we were gonna tap out but then they said "don't you teach us that with faith you can do anything?" Mmmmmm. Yessir. Yes we do. We finished every last wing and picked the bones clean!

Tuesday we started teaching a 13 year old who got baptized when she was 8 but they lost her records! She's awesome! She already has that foundational faith and knowledge so her questions are different than I'm used to. Oh and she's super cute :)

Wednesday we had zone meeting up in Sahuarita. It was all follow up stuff from zone conference so we talked about teaching doctrine, family history and setting goals. Awesome meeting!

Thursday we took Priscilla up to grandpa's ranch :) we've been trying to get this to happen for weeks! But it was awesome seeing our two recent converts connect! Priscilla had never seen a horse before so it was so funny. Grandpa had his "professional horse trainer" hat on and was teaching her all the basics :) max kept trying to chew on her shirt and give her kisses but by the end she loved it! We had a lesson too where they each got to share their conversion stories. You've got grandpa: the single cowboy who's too stubborn to use a cane and then you've got Priscilla: the teen mom who makes killer chicken wings. SO DIFFERENT and yet so similar in their conviction :)

Friday was weekly planning. Nuff said.

Saturday was THE best day of my mission. Hands down. No questions asked. Happiest day of my life. So for Patsy's endowment we weren't going to be able to go because it's about 3 hours away and it would have shot all our miles. But! A member sent from heaven agreed to give us a ride!!! So we were able to go!!! To make it even better we've been doing all this family history recently so Sister Sands got to do the endowment for her Granny!! Oh, and to make it even better, a bunch of other missionaries we haven't seen in forever all got to come! It was an amazing, amazing day. To be at the temple with all the people I care about making big promises during big moments of change. Man. It
was incredible. I stinkin love the temple.

Sunday we had stake conference and some more planning :)

God knows what he's doing. He loves us. There is evidence all around us. Trust in his timing and mercy and all will be well :)

Last transfer call is this Saturday! I'll let you know what happens!

Hermana Lund

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1. I tripped on a dang weed and it wedge itself between my toes... Hna Sands got a kick out of it.
2. La Familia Montijo along with THE hottest wings I have ever had the pleasure of eating :)
3-6. We took Priscilla up to Grandpa's ranch. It was her first time seeing a horse!!!! He tried to keep eating the little jewels on her shirt so she was freakin out. Super funny and grandpa loved it :)
7-8. The best day of my mission :) we reactivated patsy (the superstar in the middle) back in the gila valley about 9 months ago. She got endowed on Saturday :') she got all her favorite missionaries back
together for the occasion too!
9-10. There's a tradition where every 6 months you burn something as a missionary. For sisters it goes 6: shirt, 12: skirt, 18: dress. Elders I don't know what it is but for 24 it's a suit. A temple trip isn't a
temple trip without a ceremonial fire I guess...

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