Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 64 Saving ordinances are sources of joy

Hola de nuevo :)

This week was another good one! I swear Mother Nature cranked up the thermostat this week just because it's June. We've been in triple digits all week!!! I'm just glad that we're a couple degrees cooler down here than in Tucson. And also we have a car. Man. To be on a bike in Tucson. Wooooo. I am counting my blessings!

But! We did get to go up to Tucson twice this week. First, on Tuesday for Zone Conference! It was all about teaching doctrine (not just practices or principles) and family history work! Our mission's making a HUGE family history push! President is giving us an hour a week to do our OWN family history too! Forced to spend an hour in an air conditioned family history center? Twist my arm. The goal is for each missionary to take a family name to the temple by September! We're starting tomorrow but we're super excited :) Spirit of Elijah, man. It's contagious!

Thursday I was back up in north east Tucson for exchanges. Best exchange I think I've had. We've been blessed with the best sister training leaders! We found a gorgeous palm tree forest, tried about 20 families, talked to a lady about MOLD for an hour, read some Old Testament with a member over froyo, and each downed a container of Ben&Jerrys on the drive back down. Pure missionary bliss :)

We also started volunteering at a community garden up in Tubac. A member suggested it and it's so cool! You wouldn't think that you could have a luscious garden full of fruits and vegetables in Arizona but dang, it has been done! I'll have to get some pictures this week!

Hmmm what else? We're still rolling in referrals. The lord has blessed us beyond measure! I have definitely been learning better time management and gratitude :) and humility. We worked so so hard all week long and then Sunday, NO ONE came to church. No investigators, no recent converts, no body! It kind of stunk. Wait. I take that back. We had one investigator there for Sunday school and priesthood but he literally ran away before sacrament meeting........ I think that's why people say missionary work is so hard. You get so invested in helping people progress and they don't understand how their simple decisions just break your heart. But it's all so worth it. So so worth it.

And the lord always provides sources of joy. If the work is getting a little discouraging, it just brings you and your companion closer together. Hermana Sands and I have been laughing so so much! Her
little southern comments just make my day. (You have to say these with the accent..) "One time I had a dream where fried chicken fell out the sky."

Oh! Or a conversation we had today:
"Imma go put it in the window seal!"
"Window sill?"
"No, window seal. Who says window sill"
"Anyone who doesn't have a southern accent.."
"... Ohh. I see it now."

I love being a missionary. Life is just so full of happiness. If all goes well the next couple weeks are going to be full of so many wonderful things: baptisms, temple trips with reactivated members to
do family baptisms, people getting ready to go on missions (namely my mini-missionary!!!!!), and my all-time favorite member from the Gila Valley is going to the temple for her endowment!!!!!!! Blessings. Wow.

Saving ordinances are sources of joy. Baptism, temple work for you and loved ones. If you're unhappy or if you feel like something is missing, find more meaning in renewing your baptismal covenants when you take the sacrament. Go to the temple. Hop on and
see what all the hype is about! Saving ordinances are essential to eternal happiness.

Hermana Lund

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