Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 28 Monsoons, Faith Walks, Bible Bashes and Birthdays :)


Como estan?

This week has been nuts!!! Again, I feel like everything legendary happens on Monday or Tuesday and I just want to tell you all about it but then I gotta wait... But ni modo.

Last monday was all stormy, like I said. It was the most amount of rain that Safford has gotten in yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears. We had to take off our shoes and wade through ankle deep water just to get to our truck in our driveway :) It was a blast! We played soccer in the rain with some other missionaries :) Our favorite sisters had their apartment flooded so we got to have a president-approved sleepover :D It was amazing! One of the sisters was part of Divine Comedy and Studio C so she's a hoot and a half. She also has the voice of an angel that ate another angel..... She sang us lots of lullabies :)

Tuesday. Yeesh! Day of miracles!!!!! Long story short, Hna B's recent convert from Deming said "I'm going on a faith walk to California with no food or water :D" ..... We were a little concerned, but he managed to make it here and we had lunch with him on Tuesday planning on having an intervention and telling him to go home. Miracle after miracle happened.
1) He said "I'm too old for this... the faith walk is off!"
2) He had hitchhiked and met this drug dealer with a gun that didn't kill him :) woohooo
We decided before he went home that we should take him to the temple grounds :)
3) The one cab in the whole valley happened to be right by the park we were eating at
4) Hna B had felt prompted to take out some extra cash that morning which we used for cab fare for him
5) We got the temple and remembered it was closed for cleaning and so the gates were all up :( BUT there was this grounds worker who happened to be taking a break who was able to open the gate for us
6) There was this CRAZY storm rolling in (refer to the temple/sky picture) that waited just long enough for us to enjoy the temple grounds
7) As we left, it started to rain but we had to wait for the cab. As we waited, a man came by and was able to let us into the stake center so we could stay dry :)

It was nuts how it all worked out. This man felt that Heavenly Father had sent him on this faith walk. And I strongly believe that that's true. He had other plans though. It wasn't a walk to California, it was to the temple :)

Wednesday I was sitting in District Meeting and I felt a prompting that we needed to visit this less active we had met once. We went straight there after the meeting and ended up getting into the worst bible bash of my mission so far with this less active's father. MMMMMmmmmm it made me so mad. My arm was physically sore because I had clenched onto my Book of Mormon so hard during that conversation.

But it was amazing how our words were truly guided by the Lord. And there was a moment where we truly spoke with the power of God and this man changed. His entire countenance was changed. And he just stood back and said "wow. I like that. You learn something new everyday." We parted as "friends" I suppose and I was grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost as we followed that random prompting. As we listen to the spirit, we will never be alone as we venture into uncharted territory.

Yeeesh this is a long email. I'll be brief.

My birthday was great :) My comp and all the other missionaries were amazing and loving and we just had a blast :)

As you prepare for General Conference this weekend, I would encourage you to go with questions. And as you watch and listen to the words of our inspired leaders, don't just take notes... MAKE A TO DO LIST! That has been a downfall of mine for so long. We receive such amazing council, feel like we can take on the world, and then we never follow through. This conference weekend will be special. And we make lists of things we need to do in our lives based on the whisperings of the spirit and the words of our leaders, miracles will happen and dreams will be achieved :)

I LOVE YOU ALL! Sorry this is so long... Stay in school :) Make good choices :) Y que tenga una buena semana :)
Hermana Lund


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