Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 26 Moments that make the shelf

Hola :)

Pues. This week has been nuts! I'm seriously about to fall asleep at the keyboard, but it's so so worth it!!!!!!

Cool things happening!!! We had Zone Meeting on Wednesday where we trained on the new planning app on our iPads. We're going from alllllll paper to allllllll digital. Scheduling, records, personal information, you name it... it's all on there! Which is beautiful!!!! and wonderful!!!!! You can just search for a name instead of looking through papers for an hour!!!! ... But. The funnest part is that we get to put in all that information :D ALLLLLL the records of missionaries that have served here in the last 5 years. Every lesson they've taught. Every person they've contacted. Manually inputted into the system :D So that's a blast and a half... It's actually really funny reading some of these records, but it'll be such a blessing once it's actually done :)

Besides working on that, this week was mostly devoted to R (the one who asked if she could have her baptism bumped up a week!). Interviews, lessons, programs, other logistics... there goes all our time! And oh my goodness. Satan worked haaaard this week to keep that baptism from happening. But oh my goodness. When she came out of that water, she just smiled so big :) And then she came up the stairs and we all just cried together. I have never seen anyone filled with such pure joy and peace. It was a really special thing to be a part of :)

There are certain moments from my mission where I just wanna grab a mason jar, bottle up every aspect of that second, and put it on a shelf. And then when I come home I'll just get to stand in front of this shelf full of beautiful moments and just cry hahaha :) I really love being a missionary. I love working hard. And I love those moments that make the shelf :)

Work hard. Blessings are all around you. Savor those sweet moments.

Les quiero mucho
Hermana Lund

A lovely sunset after dinner with our RS president.
And our truck in all its majesty and glory :) 
Basically what all of the valley looks like. COVERED in cotton fields...
Hopefully we'll be able to get some good "field is white already to harvest" pics soon!
Me, R, Hna B :')
We set individual and companionship goals every week and
this week we decided to spice up the board a little bit :P 

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