Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 46 God truly is our loving Heavenly Father...I will forever be grateful for that.

Hola :)

This week was good!

Moderately uneventful. President and Sister Passey came down to our district meeting on Wednesday (AHHHH!). I had to give a spanish training, but it worked out well! Thanks for the assist, spanish angels! Afterwards we had interviews. Every time I talk to President Passey I just get so much more respect for him. We had a bunch of members of the 70 come a few months ago and they all said "He's honestly the best mission president." Agreed. He takes such good care of us.

We found some new investigators through a few miracles :) One of them had said she had been praying for us. LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!

We were also going to bust out of the mission boundaries and go to the Gilbert Temple this past Saturday with a recent convert to do baptisms for the first time. His name is Cowboy Bob. He's a real cowboy. We call him grandpa :) The trip ended up getting cancelled last minute (there must needs be opposition in all things...) but hopefully we'll get to go for his birthday in a couple weeks!

Oh also! it's been in the high 70s this whole week :) Yup, already have a solid watch tan going. No shame. But, that being said... I've been missing the rain and clouds. I haven't been in a good rain storm in WEEKS. So the past couple days part of my prayers have sounded like this: Heavenly Father. It's silly really. But I would really love some rain. Just a nice rainy day. If it's not too much trouble. If not, I'll get over it... But yeah. Pretty please?

And so! We get out of church yesterday and go visit this less active lady and she takes one look at us and says "Where are your coats??? Aren't you getting ready for this storm???" :) She over exaggerated a little bit, but there was a storm coming. Lots of wind and crazy cool clouds. I was still hoping for some rain though. Last night before bed, I peaked outside... Still no rain. I was a little sad but I went to bed anyway. As a missionary I've developed a talent for falling asleep fast and staying asleep til the alarm goes off. I must be tired or something. But last night, I woke up for just a second. Really bizarre. And I heard it. Rain :) I said thanks Heavenly Father and fell back asleep :) The storm had passed by the time we woke up but it's still a nice cloudy day!

God truly is our loving Heavenly Father. I believe that, I know that, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Comportales bien y tenga una buena semana :)


Hermana Lund

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