Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 48 Live after the manner of happiness

Hola :)

Every day this week was monumental.

Tuesday was the 30 anniversary of my mom's baptism. That just makes my heart fill with gratitude, love, and a fire to keep going. I could hop on my mom soap box but I'll spare you :) I love you mom!

Wednesday was my 6 months to go mark... Yeah. Mixed emotions about that one. But we went up to Tucson for the best zone meeting ever! I've never been to such a spiritually significant meeting as a
missionary. And it wasn't even anything special! Just a normal meeting... But there was this moment where Hna H and I were doing a role play on inspired questions and the spirit just hit us like a train and we burst into tears. It was so bizarre but really powerful! I love being a missionary :)

Thursday we had exchanges :) I took over the area for the first time, which will always be a little nerve wracking but it all worked out! I got to go with a sister who is brand new! It was expecting it to be missionary work done with two very different perspectives but I was shocked how similar our points of view were, how similar our recent spiritual growth has been. It was kinda cool :)

Friday was Linda's birthday! Happy belated birthday, Lin! I love you buckets!!!

Saturday was transfer calls........ Hna H is going home halfway through the transfer so we were thinking a trio or she would go somewhere else in a trio. Either way, some kind of change. But......... We're staying? Yup. We talked to president and he said "I don't know what's going to happen in 4 weeks but we're just gonna act in faith and move forward. The lord will provide!" Sooooo yeah :) this
is a 7 week transfer so it'll be nice to get it broken up with some chaos :) we'll see what the lord has in store..

Sunday... Happy Valentine's Day :) it was also our monthly 7 hours of church Sunday... But! Miracle! Cowboy Bob, the recent convert we fondly call grandpa came to church for the first time in months!!! It was such a blessing to sit next to him as he took the sacrament again. He even got a little teary eyed during the closing hymn :)

Quick spiritual thought! 2 N 5:27. After Nephi and all the goodies split off from Laman and leamuel it says they have the scriptures, they learn to cultivate the land, they build a temple, they set up
priesthood leaders... And then "they lived after the manner of happiness." Cynical me, it doesn't say they were happy. The chapter goes on to say that they had wars with their brothers. There's no way
they were always happy. But. They continuously lived after the manner of happiness. They read their scriptures, they worked hard, they went to the house of the lord, they obeyed their priesthood leaders. Living after the manner of happiness GUARANTEES eternal happiness and often leads to momentary happiness that is pure and irreplaceable. True happiness comes from living correctly.

Be good :) Live after the manner of happiness :)

Hermana Lund
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