Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 47 If we let it, the Holy Ghost can flood us with immediate, indescribable peace.

Hola :)

This week was a good one. Full of good things :)

For starters... So we share our wards with a set of elders. They cover Nogales right by the border and we cover Rio Rico which is more north and safer :) so we don't really know Nogales super well. Last Monday we took cowboy Bob out to dinner at Denny's down in Nogales. On our way back we were driving through downtown, not really paying attention and all of a sudden we see this huge sign MEXICO ONLY! We started freaking out! There was the huge wall, the border patrol, the dogs, everything! Hahah we made an emergency U turn and B-lined it out of there! But it was so cool!!!!! You could see Mexico! It looks just like Rio Rico except the hills are FULL of colorful houses. So beautiful! One day :) since then we've gone back to Nogales twice just to get a better look :P

We spent Thursday night at the mission president's home in Tucson for Hna H's meeting the next day, which is always a blast :) I went on exchanges with an English sister and went to YSA for the day! Good stuff! We also made a pit stop at the new Costa Vida before coming home :)

There were so many miracles this week! We ended up finding 4 new investigators!! 2 are the daughter and boyfriend of a recently reactivated family. They just moved here to get a fresh start and are so hungry to learn! It's awesome! Also their husky had puppies on Saturday night so we got to hold em and love em :) one of em pooped in Hna H's hair too :P

Spiritually, this week was amazing too. I LOVE going to two sacrament meetings. Maybe not so much for all the talks but for the sacrament!!!! Oh my gosh, I love getting that quiet time twice in one
day! I feel so lucky! Yesterday during the sacrament I felt the spirit the strongest I probably ever have. The spirit speaks to us in our minds and in our hearts. And if we let it, it can flood us with
immediate, indescribable peace.

The church is true! The Book of Mormon too!

Be happy :) and wear bright colors!! A good friend told me that this week and I highly recommend it :)

Los quiero!
Hermana Lund

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1/2. We looked around in relief society yesterday and we were completely surrounded by adorable Hispanic babies!! One of the hardest rules as a missionary is not being able to snuggle/hold adorable squishy babies...... Luckily we found a good alternative lying in the corner :) almost as good as the real thing.
3/4/5. A part member family we visit has a beaaaautiful huskies that had babies on Saturday night! So of course we went over on Sunday for a visit :) this was before Hna H picked up a puppy and it pooped in her hair :)

6. We went to Tucson cuz Hna H had MLC. She's a biiiiiiiiiig Costa
Vida fan so we made a pit stop of course :)
7. Cowboy Bob, or grandpa in his full glory :)
8. His dog Willy :)
9. Hna H likes Polaroids :)

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