Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 40 "There are never coincidences with God"

Hola :)

This past week was FREEZING!!! We went on exchanges on the coldest day so far and I went to the one sister biking area in the mission (wootwooot). Luckily their bikes are broken so we just walked, rather than having ice cold wind blasting on your face with your skirt flying in the wind :) it was below 20 when we walked to the church for early morning basketball......... But yeah. The Tucson summer has turned me into a pansy. Everyone's a lil sniffly because of the cold, myself included.

There are so many miracles happening in our area though! The branch has been KILLING it with fellow shipping investigators and recent converts and that has made a huge difference.

One miracle that happened this week was how we found 2 new investigators! I'm stealing this from Hna B's journal to save time, but it was amazing!

"We tried a couple different less actives and decided on Hermana Wood. We had never met her before. We pull up and two guys our age come out and say Hermana wood isn't here and at that moment Hermana Vazquez, another less active and the sister of Hermana wood, pulls up and invites us inside. We learn that the guys are renting rooms from Hermana wood and are from Mexico. They are Joe and Marcus and we started talking a bit with them and discovered they're both very interested. It was incredible.

- They usually work today but miraculously had it off.
- They work with all Mormons, including some people from our branch
- Joe lived in Layton, Utah for a bit and knows a little about the church.
- Hermana Vazquez pulled up the moment we needed another woman there
in order to go into the house.
- Marcus shared a scripture from the bible in Hebrews 11 that I had
literally just read this morning.
- Hermana Lund on a whim grabbed two Books of Mormon from the car.

I have learned there are never coincidences with God. If He needs it to happen, He will make it happen, whether it is through you or another means."

I would like to echo the wise words of my compañera. Have faith :) Be happy :) God loves us and it will all be okay :)

I'm excited to talk to you all on Friday!!!

¡Feliz Navidad, mi gente!
Hermana Lund

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These are from this morning. We went over to the sister's and they helped us try and take a Christmas picture with our sweaters... These were the results... Oh! And the horses got a little jealous so we involved them in the photo shoot too :) the one pic looks like I have horse ears..

Earlier this week with the Salvation Army.

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