Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 38 Nine Month Mark

Hola :)

No tengo mucho tiempo but I'll tell you a little bit about this week!

Every year they do a live nativity outside the temple. They have actors as Mary, Joseph, Angels etc with a donkey and sheep and it's amazing!!! We got to help out with all the parking (attractive orange
vests and everything) and then on Saturday our investigators came :D
it was an amazing addition to all the Christmas magic :)

We also had our mission-wide Spanish conference in Tucson! It was great to see everyone and get out of the valley for a day. I also got to see some recent converts which was really nice and rejuvenating. I didn't realize how much I missed Tucson. I also didn't realize how
much I'll miss this valley. 4 more weeks :)

The church is true. Read the Book of Mormon. Watch the Christmas special!

Oh, also casually hit my 9 month mark this past week. Time flies.
Halfway there :) / :(

I love you all so very much!
Hermana Lund

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