Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 39 We Need Eachother

Hola :)

Well! This week was another crazy one.

For starters we had 3 birthdays in our district this week! For Elder H the elders dragged him out of bed, sang happy birthday on his porch, and we decorated their apartment and cleaned their kitchen while at a service project. Kind of funny. He came up to us later and thanked us sincerely for cleaning their kitchen, saying it was truly an answer to prayer :) Hahah

Then we had Hna B's birthday :) We went to starbucks, recruited the elders for decorating, and we also volunteered to ring the bell for the Salvation Army outside Walmart for a few hours in our matching christmas sweaters :) It was a blast! Community Service for the win! We finished off the day with dinner with our favorite family and a branch Christmas party :)

Oh! So I decided on Monday that I was going to make Hna B a scarf for her birthday because she's always cold. So we went to the store and I told her that it was a family tradition to knit scarves and stuff for the homeless around Christmas time (which is not a lie... shoutout goes to you, mom!). So for 2 days I just knit. During sports, during zone meetings, lulls in conversations. Hna B even agreed to do the driving so I could knit in the car. All for the homeless :) Hahah she was happy when she found out it was hers :)

Today is our district leader, Elder M's bday. We sent him on a scavenger hunt around Safford with clues for each of the Safford companionships. It ended at McDonalds and we all ate breakfast together :)

Spiritually, this week was a great one. We haven't had any investigators at sacrament meeting in a few months now... This past Sunday we had 4 :D The family that we've been teaching came with their 3 kids.

OH! Sidebar... We were asked to help with the Primary program.... We assumed it would be sitting with the kids to keep them quiet. Hna B ended up playing the piano and I conducted! .. Yuuuup. Those choristers that stand in the middle and wiggle their fingers and stand up the kids and tell em to smile and sing loud... Yuuup. That was me :) Hahaha it was fun though!

But anyways. Since Sunday was the Primary Program. Our investigator's little girls asked if they could participate in the program! Their first time at church and they got up there, smiled, pretended to know the words to the songs, and even got up and said some of the speaking parts. It was incredible!! They're so bold and they were so excited!

Honestly, God is so in charge. I feel like I say this all the time but this area has taught me that no matter what the situation, there will be a point where you hit a wall and just say, "God. I have no idea what to do." "I don't know" has become a common phrase.

This morning as I was studying, I came across the story of the Brother of Jared in the book of Ether. Jared asks his brother to pray that they will be able to understand each other, even though all their peers are no longer able to, due to their wickedness and the power of God. That prayer is answered. Next Jared asks his brother to pray their their friends may be able to continue to understand each other. God answers that prayer as well and allows their friends AND their friends' families to continue to communicate.

This was an example to me of the importance of being surrounded by good, faithful, spiritual friends and family. Jared was the one who provoked his brother to pray. And their friends and their friends' families were blessed simply because they were friends.

We need each other. Especially at Christmas time. When we hit those "I don't know" moments. We need people by our side who will remind us to pray. Reach out to others. Be a good friends. Help others do good. And who knows. Maybe one day someone will pray on your behalf and you will be blessed for your friendship.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Enjoy the Christmas season :) Hasta pronto
Hermana Lund

Hna B's birthday dinner with our favorite family, the Peñas. They are amazing!!!!!

Hna B was sick on Saturday and I ran out of things to do so I ended up trying to untangle the Christmas lights that had been left behind....3 hours later we found out they didn't even work. Always plug them in first, kids.

Hna B's birthday morning :) we kidnapped her and took her to Starbucks, her favorite! We forgot a blindfold so we got creative with a sweater...

Our Zone leader Elder Moore had to go home for medical reasons but we made him a shirt last pday :)

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