Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 36 Gratitude (T7)

Hola otra vez del valle Gila :)

Fun fact... Not getting transferred!!! Still confused because EVERYONE, including president, said I was out... I'm honestly so so happy. I get to stay here with Hermana B and the branch for the holidays which is such a blessing :)

I sent a lot of pictures so refer to those for some frame of reference for the following...

Last monday we had dinner with members from our branch and they invited our district too. We were going to do a bonfire but it got too rainy. So the elders were put in charge of making smores in the oven... Long story short, they set em on fire :) We ended up using their toaster instead... We took some pictures at the temple afterwards!

We started a zone soccer tournament in the mornings for our exercise! First game, we dominated. It went a little downhill from there but it's been a blast! We have a bunch of missionaries going home/getting transferred so it was nice to spend time with them and start the day out right! We also took a lot of pictures at foodbank with all the bread we stack and such.

Friday night we got to go to the temple with a recent convert. He got baptized a little over a year ago and he was able to go through and get his endowment. It was amazing. Exactly 6 weeks ago we sat in the temple with his wife. We were all sitting on the couch... and there was one empty spot. That's when we knew it was time to get Johnny to the temple! Since then we've been visiting them and going through the temple prep classes but he's been so prepared. He is an amazing example!

Saturday morning. Oh my gosh. Saturday morning. Johnny got sealed to his wife and his 3 little kids. Hna B and I had never been to a sealing ceremony before... It was so beautiful. Their little baby girl was just beaming the entire time. Through the work done in the temple families can be happy together forever. What a blessing :')

Today we went on a hike up to Fry Mesa. We went to this dam and walked across with the 50,000 ft drop on the other side (sorry mom :P) and there were beautiful waterfalls. Hna B and I went exploring and ended up just climbing one of the mountains by ourselves. It was awesome! Afterwards we had a BBQ at a member's home in Thatcher. She has been helping us get more involved in community service. As a zone we've done over 100 community service hours for 4 weeks in a row... so we were rewarded with steak :) Amazing amazing day!

With thanksgiving and all the other magical holidays coming up, I feel obligated to talk about gratitude. More specifically gratitude for Jesus Christ. Gratitude for our Father in Heaven. This life is not about enduring hard things, it's about learning to be happy regardless of the bad or good. As a companionship, as soon as the alarm goes off in the wee hours of the morning... we get on our knees and say a prayer of gratitude. Even though there is so much we need to get done throughout the day and so much we want to ask for, starting the day with a prayer of gratitude has truly changed my perspective. We have been given so much from our Father. He loves us. I'm grateful I have this opportunity to learn and grow closer to him.

Thank you for all you do as well :) Be grateful. Feliz dia de accion de gracias :)

Hermana Lund

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