Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 34 Stop Trying to Magnify Your Calling

Hi :)

Every week just keeps getting kicked up a notch! This week takes the cake. High highs, low lows. But my goodness it's all just so worth it :)

In terms of lows, eeeeeeeeeeeeeveryone here is getting sick. They've been harvesting all the cotton so everyone with allergies has locked themselves inside their homes. And if you don't have allergies... Well, you do now :) Plus it's getting colder here :D Words I never thought I would say in Arizona... But everyone's been whipping out the sweaters :) It's absolutely magical. I think the summer here made me soft, bundling up when it's 70 degrees but I'm okay with it :)

Mmmmmm other lows. Eeeverything self destructed this week hahah! I say hahah because in hind-sight it's significantly more humorous. But there are some days where I really want to take away other people's agency... But then miracles happen and it's all okay :)

Okay. Enough of that. MIRACLES :D WE FOUND 8 NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK!!!! :D Among them is a family with 5 kids ALL over the age of 8 :'D Miracle miracle miracle. They have so much light and the kids all love to pray :)

Oh! Okay! This is a low and a high but mostly it's just funny. So Hna B was out of commission with a sinus infection. She's a total hippy so she LOOOOOOOOOVES natural light and fresh air and all that good stuff :P So we decided to move our mattresses into to living room with all our big windows and open the door to let some fresh air in while she rested :) It was all quite lovely......... And then we looked up on our ceiling and saw THOUSANDS of flies just camped out having a jolly old time. Our apartment is now the crime scene for the Great Fly Massacre of '15 :P

We had zone conference this past week along with a Regional Broadcast yesterday where Lynn G. Robbins, Linda S. Reeves, Lawrence Corbridge (the guy who came to our mission a few months ago!!) and Dallin H. Oaks! Power house line up right there! A big focus of both conferences was SIMPLIFYING. We also just had breakfast and studies with all the other sisters in our Zone. We read "Good, Better, Best" by Elder Oaks, a talk based on a simple but incredible true concept. We need to prioritize. There are things that are better. There's a portion of the talk where he talks about our responsibilities we all have. He poses it in the frame of church responsibility but it's equally applicable to just every day life. He says "Remember, don't magnify the work to be done--simplify it!"

In the church we often use the phrase "magnify" your calling, meaning work hard to fulfill all your responsibilities. In Preach My Gospel quotes Ezra Taft Benson by saying, "The Spirit is the most important single element in this work. With THE SPIRIT magnifying your call, you can do miracles for the Lord... Without the Spirit, you will never succeed regardless of your talent and ability."

My invitation is that you STOP TRYING TO MAGNIFY YOUR CALLING AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Your responsibility is SIMPLE: strive to be worthy of the spirit. Its guidance and the Holy Ghost will magnify it for you. I have seen first hand, that as we forget ourselves and follow those simple promptings of the spirit, we will have greater success than if we had done it our way.

Gracias por todo lo que hacen! Y tenga una buena semana :)

Hermana Lund

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