Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 57 We Will Find Everything We Are Looking For and More

Hola :)

This week was great! We've been doing lots of service and keeping busy! We also got to go to the temple this past week as a zone for our quarterly trip. It was SO nice. Wow. I just love the temple. It just made me so so happy.

Hna Sands is crushing it. For reals. She doesn't even need a trainer. She's such a champ.

I know exciting things happened but I can't think of any...

We helped grandpa clean out his trailer on Wednesday and we set another goal for him to go to the temple to do the baptisms for his parents. This will be the 6th temple trip we've scheduled with him since I've been here......... Faith and patience have definitely been tested but we must continue forward when salvation is on the line.

Oh! We're having a mission conference next week and we just found out which apostle is coming to speak to us....... ELDER HOLLAND :D I did that whole dramatic gasp thing when I found out! I couldn't be more excited! Our mission president has really encouraged us to prepare by being more obedient and preparing spiritually.

I've been thinking a lot about preparation between Hna Sands, the temple, and Elder Holland. When we prepare we shall not fear. Not only that, but we will find everything we are looking for and more.

I love you all!!!! Be good :)
Hermana Lund

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1. Nogales.
2. A stray dog wandered into one of our dinners and she took a fancy
to E. Anderson
3. Grandpa and Max
4. Bad hair-day friendly comp pics :)
5. Before we embarked on the adventure of cleaning grandpas trailer :)
6-10 Temple trip :) it was súper windy...

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