Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 53 We Became Conquerors

Hola :)

Here we are again!

Monday and Tuesday was mostly just Hna H saying goodbye to people. President and Sister Passey came and picked her up on Wednesday morning. They also brought down my new mini missionary companion :) her name's Hna Rodriguez! She's from my first area so it's cool to see her a year later! She just put her papers in on Sunday!!!! Hopefully she'll get that while she's here in the next two weeks! She'll probably be the only person to open her letter as a missionary! It's been a real tender mercy though because she's related to about 80% of the Spanish Ward so she knows allllll the inside scoop!

Priscilla has been a big part of our week. She's getting baptized this Saturday :) she has just soaked the gospel up like a sponge. It's been cool to see how much she's gone through (even since we met her) and yet how open her heart is. She doesn't reject the tougher promptings of the spirit, she just rolls with it. She's also become OBSESSED with repenting hahah. Every time we come over she's always excited to tell us the people she has apologized to, or the little changes she's made. You can see it in her eyes. Her burdens are being, not just taken but THROWN off of her shoulders. We met her two weeks ago and she is completely different. The gospel will never cease to amaze me!

One miracle with her happened yesterday! She wasn't feeling very good but we went over on Saturday and she said she was going to come to church but she needed a ride. After some chaos we arranged one and we were all set! ... Come Sunday morning she texted us and said she wasn't feeling good so she wasn't going to be able to come. Welp. Welcome to the life of a missionary :) disappointments make miracles even more miraculous. So we go to church and we're just sitting in
gospel principles a little disappointed... And PRISCILLA WALKS IN :D the friend that introduced her to the church had quite literally dragged her out of bed. But she came :) and she nailed her baptismal interview and we were able to announce her baptism for this Saturday!

That morning after she had cancelled, I opened up my scriptures randomly. First verse I saw was Jacob 7:25
25 Wherefore, the people of Nephi did fortify against them with their arms, and with all their might, trusting in the God and rock of their salvation; wherefore, they became as yet, conquerors of their enemies.

We had fortified ourselves and done everything in our power, we trusted in the Lord, and we became conquerors :)

I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a happy Easter :) get ready for general conference :)
Hermana Lund

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1-2. Got my first manicure last week with Hna H and Sis Webb :)
3. Our district had a little jam session last week. Good times...Commemorative Polaroids were taken. We also discovered that elder Anderson is a lot whiter than we thought :P
4. Priscilla's daughter, Ali, literally feasting on the words of Christ.
5-6. Meet Hna Rodriguez :) my mini missionary companion for the next 2 weeks!

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