Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 43 First Week in Nogales (T8)

Hola familia :)

Coming to you live from Nogales!! I love it here!

We share an English ward and a Spanish ward with a set of elders. So lots of work and hardly any other missionaries around to distract. It's awesome! We stay mostly in Rio Rico (a little more north) but our area is HUGE. Lots of driving like the gila valley which is really nice :) especially because I LOVE my companion. She's amazing! I served around her a little bit when I first came out but I love her so much! We complement each other really well. She's big on the MBTI personality test and we've figured out that our personalities are the most compatible! I like the way she thinks. So we end up having amazing deep conversations while we drive. I've learned a lot about myself and a lot about the gospel just this week.

What else? Oh. She's a big health nut so she's whipping me into shape (it's about time). We go to the track every morning and she runs 4 miles while I go for a nice walk :) hahah... But it's BEAUTIFUL
watching the sunrise at the track. It's really hilly here and lots of mountains too. BEAUTIFUL. And our apartment is a two story with an amazing view. I'll send some pictures.

Hna H is a sister training leader so we went to Tucson for her meeting which was fun! I got paired with another sister and we ran around Tucson all day helping sisters jump start their car and knocking an apartment complex with one of my old companions. The lord used us even outside of our area.

Today has been a good p day too. Worked out with the hermanas from the ward :) Got my teeth cleaned and a cavity filled for free by a member :) little bit of shopping. Funnily enough last night Hna H had a dream that we needed to go to JC Penney. So we go and we're just having a grand old time... Turns out one of the workers is a less active they have been trying to contact for months! We got her information and set up a good time to see her next week and we got lots of free stuff too

This week has been full of miracles. Hna H is so in tune with the spirit. She relies so much on prayer, it's amazing! We have been guided to so many places to teach certain things and it just happens
to be exactly what that person needed. One of them is Dylan. She's a 9 year old from a part member family who hasn't been baptized yet. We were out visiting other people, found ourselves with a little extra time so we prayed and felt like we should see this family.
Conveniently it was only one street over. We met her and her sisters and their grandmother was there. Turns out that the grandmother is a less active that dropped off the face of the earth a few years ago.
They all came to church yesterday. It was such a miracle. Dylan is a cute little cowgirl with freckles. It was great to see her smiley face at church with her family.

I've been thinking a lot about communication. The bishop gave me 5 minutes notice to speak yesterday (first time that's happened on my mission) and I decided to talk about that. Prayer and insight from God takes time. Think about it. Sometimes the visions we read about in the scriptures take several chapters. And if it takes 30 minutes or so to read... Imagine how long it took in real life. I've been using my morning walks to just think and talk to God a little more. That extended time to talk to him through informal prayer has made a world of difference! Peace. Clarity. It's made the transition here a lot easier, which was one of my worries.

The church is true in Nogales too :)
Les quiero mucho!!!
Hermana Lund

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1. We have a goal to take a picture each day... Sometimes we forget until it's late... Much too late...

2. Hna H during weekly planning :)

3. The view from our balcony :)

4. Saying goodbye to the Padillas, my Recent converts. We visited them almost every day I was there... Sad to say goodbye!

5. The transfer van crew. Transfer day travel was NUTS. We drove from the gila valley to Duncan to lordsburg to Wilcox to Tucson dropping off everyone. (Look at a map. Not geographically... Fun.) and then Hna H got me in Tucson and we drove to Wilcox. I left the Gila at 10:45.... Arrived in Nogales at 7:45 WOOOHOOO :)

6/7. Our first pics as a companionship :) what happens when you don't answer your door with a beautiful wreath on it

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