Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 30 Don't be all talk and no work. Get to work (T6)

Hey :)

Crazy last week of the transfer!!

Monday: we went to a member's house as a district and watched church movies in their home theater :))) fun stuff.

Tuesday: D got baptized :D after 15 years of waiting, her husband finally got to see her baptized! It was crazy and chaotic (as most surprise baptisms are) and honestly something I would rather not
repeat... But D got baptized :)

Thursday/Friday/Saturday: The annual county fair started on Thursday! We had this booth at the fair. It looked like relief society threw up and two beautiful tables popped out :) it was a lot of fun to talk to so many people and answer a lot of questions!

We also got transfer calls!! Annnnnnnnd... We're staying together :) woooohoooooooo.

We were finally able to go to the temple with our recent convert R :) we did baptisms. It was amazing.

This morning we had our Spanish temple day we've been planning for moooonths! The 7 Spanish branches in our temple district all came up! They opened up the temple just for us. We were able to do so much family history work! And we were able to do baptisms for the first time with D :)

Oh! And we went on a district hike this morning too :)

Crazy, amazing week! Full of miracles!

Sorry this email isn't as perky and profound as usual but I love you all :)
All I've got to say is put your money where your mouth is. 
Don't be all talk and no work. Get to work. The church is true :)

I love you all!
Hermana Lund

Weekly planning at its finest:

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