Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 17 If you're stuck in the 95%... Just wait. It's coming :) and if you're in the 5%... Soak it all in :)

Hola otra vez :)

Como estan?

Estoy bien :)

Aveces quiero escribir toda esta carta en espanol y ver quien tiene la paciencia para traducirla :P But I'll cut you some slack.

This week was good!!!! HOT! But good :) Lots of just weird random things happened though...

STORY #1 (this is a funny one, I promise)

So we were trying to visit this less active member we had never met before. We knocked on the door and no one answered. We knocked again, waited and then all of a sudden this old lady with a walker came around the corner from the back of the house. Real old, adorable little mexican grandma. She said her son (the less active) wasn't home so we just started talking to her. She said she was off to church :) She was walking a solid .00000000000000001 mph but she was a sweetheart. Now. We're not sure how WITH IT she was.... But she was just so dang cute! She started like walking in the middle of the road so we were like HECK, we can't leave this grandma all by herself to get hit by a car! Especially when she's on her way to church!!

So we ended up walking with her for a little while, trying to guide her back to the sidewalk. Every time we asked her where the church was she said, "oh! just one more street!" "oh, just around the corner!" About an hour later (and maybe .1 miles) we ended up at the bus stop! ... This was when the realization truly set in that perhaps we were helping this little granny bust out and see the big wide world without her family knowing. We started trying to call her son but he wouldn't answer, and she kept saying "oh! they know where I am! I'm going to church!" And she was shuffling around in her bag getting her bus pass out and everything. (Probably the funniest part of this whole thing was that she had 2 random free-floatin slices of bread in her bag :P) We kind of decided that if she was mentally stable/motivated enough to 1) walk to the bus stop in 100 degree weather 2) remember where the bus stop was and 3) go to church and be spiritual and wonderful that she would be okay on the bus. We waited with her for another 45 minutes and she just chatted away about all her grandkids.

The bus came and there was this whoooooole ordeal trying to get her on and pay her fare.. but she got it :) So. For all we know we helped a mexican grandma run away......... So if you see Missing Person signs for an adorable little lady named Blanca, we're guilty! :P


Okay. So as missionaries we've got this phone. It's from like the 90s and it's a total junker. But if you lose it..... Good luck! You cannot be a missionary without a phone. So :) Since Hna T is the designated driver (probably due to my recent track record :P) it's my job to keep track of the phone... I'm still convinced that I came on a mission and just forgot how to function. I've gotten better, but I used to/still forget stuff ALL THE STINKIN TIME. Including where I put the phone :)

So one day we were trying to contact some potential people that might be interested in having us visit them :) Before I got out of the car, I put the phone in my bag. We got out of the car, knocked the door, no one was home, so we got back in the car. Before we drove away we thought of someone we should call......... But the phone wasn't in my bag......... We dumped my whole bag out, walked around that whole house, tore apart the car. NOTHING. It disappeared. When we were retracing our steps around the house, this woman walked by. I felt like we should talk to her, but I brushed it off considering the situation. So she kept walking around the corner and we kept looking.... NOTHING. I was just so dang frustrated. I said a little prayer. Saying, "okay, Heavenly Father. I don't know what you did with our phone, or what I did with our phone... but we're gonna act in faith and I know we'll find the phone after." So I looked at Hna T and said "There's a lady that went around the corner! We have to talk to her and then we'll find the phone!!" She had turned onto a crazy busy road so we got a little worried, but a little ways down, we found her at a gas station :) We just talked to her, got to know her a little bit. She, like most people here, has been through a lot and is just trying to make it by. But we got her name and number and we're gonna visit her soon :) Nothing too special. She didn't agree to get baptized right there or anything. But yeah :) So we got back in the car, looked in my purse ONE LAST TIME. And there it was. In the pocket that I KNOW we checked 2349012390834 times. There it was :)

It was a really cool experience that taught me the importance of following promptings. We get promptings from the Holy Ghost to talk to random people ALL THE TIME. And 95% of the time.... Nothing happens because of it. But that 5% make the 95% worth it. H&P are the 5%. We found them when we were just walking down the street one night. And now their getting baptized on Saturday :') The 5% of joy and success make the 95% of work, confusion, tears, and darkness worth it.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here. And I am so grateful for the 5% and the 95% and for Heavenly Father's patience with me through it all.

Thanks for all your love and support :) Ya'll are great! And if you're stuck in the 95%... Just wait. It's coming :) and if you're in the 5%... Soak it all in :)

Hermana Lund

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