Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 6 little "coincidences" (T2)

Hey :)

Hope you're doing well :) I survived my first transfer!!!!!!! :D Wooohoooo! Still got a ways to go, but it's comforting to know that there's some other missionary out there that a little more clueless than you are... (not by much though! I still feel clueless some times... but I'm learning :D)

Funny stories this week.... Mmmmmmm.... This week was kind of uneventful. Well, no week is ever uneventful but I can't think of any funny stories :( Sorry! I'll be funnier next week!

Our investigators though..... Man. So we're teaching a few 17/18 year old girls. They're both really quiet and they never have ANY questions so it's really difficult to build momentum and have them share their testimony and stuff. And then on the other extreme we're teaching these 2 guys. They're Uncle/nephew about 28 and 35 years old and oh my gosh! They just have this FIRE. Woooweee. They're in Tucson trying to set up a church right now, funny enough :) It's some Christian sect, but they're congregation has like 2 or 3 people in it, and one of them is there mom/grandma. She's been really sick but today is her birthday so we bought a picture frame and we're gonna put a picture of Jesus in it for her :) But they are just so passionate! They made us papussas (definitely didn't spell that right) last week!!! and MMMMMMMMMMMMM so good! They taught us the right way to eat em too ;) (you like peel em open and eat em like a pita pocket kinda deal, fun fact of the day!) ANYWAYS. They just have SO many questions and the energy in the room once they get going is just electric! When they pray they also pray very.... expressively. hahaha like, it just really gets you pumped hahah.

So we're working on finding a balance between our two types of investigators :)

We had this really really really amazing experience on Sunday. It was after dinner and we were gonna try and knock some doors and find some new people to teach :) so we got in the car and prayed to know EXACTLY where to go. After the prayer, Hna Ellis felt like we had to go to this one house. She and her old companion had found this house with this family a few months ago. The family is non-practicing Jehova's Witnesses (yeeeeeeeeeeup! Great combination with mormons :D). Their daughter died around 6 months ago and they had adopted her 2 year old daughter. So this couple was just having a hard time. The last time Hna Ellis went to see them, they told her "sorry, we don't want your help, don't come back." So. We showed up on Sunday :) This man gave us this look, like.... really? you're back? and we just had to say "We know you said you weren't interested in our help or anything but we just felt like we should come and see you tonight." This man just started talking about how the night before they had had a vigil for their daughter. They've been having a really hard time. He just cried and cried and cried. I can't even imagine what that must be like loosing a child. But we were able to share some words of comfort that he really needed to hear and we parted as dear friends. It's amazing to know that you're in the right place at the right time saying the right things.

God really is guiding this work. I have absolutely NO doubt about that. There are THOUSANDS of little "coincidences" we encounter every day.

Sorry this email's a little bit mushier...

OH! At service this past week we made FIVE HUNDRED SANDWICHES and put together SIX HUNDRED BOXES at the food bank :)

The church is true. Hard work will pay off :) I'll have better stories next week!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

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