Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 5 Hermana Lumps


Stories!! First, this picture! Every week or so we have a Blitz :) It's where the 4 sets of missionaries in our district all go to an area and just knock doors for a few hours. This really helps get a lot done in a little amount of time, especially when the missionaries in that area are struggling or just wanna find some new investigators :) We took this picture while we were walking :) Those are our footprints :) It's a lil toasty here :)

Also this week we had splits! Since Hna Ellis is a Sister Training Leader, every so often we switch companions for 24 hours so we can learn different teaching methods n such! So on Thursday I think? I went with Hna Martin :) She's awesome!!!! She's a Yankees fan but we were able to overcome it. She has AMAZING spanish and so much energy and passion for the gospel. A story to illustrate her: One time she was teaching a lesson to someone just outside their trailer (classic Tucson) and she got the stomach flu. Like right there, while she was speaking, she was about to blow. So she finished her sentence... Walked around the corner of the trailer... Threw up in a bag... Put the bag in her purse... Came back... And picked up where she left off :) MAN. If that's not passion and dedication for the gospel then I don't know what is?

Mmmm OH! Hopped a fence in a skirt this week! We've been trying to read the Book of Mormon with this less active family a couple days a week. And this one night a lot of appointments had fell through so we were ready to get some teaching done! So we got to their house... and there was a lock on their gate... All the houses/trailers in Tucson have these like waist to chest high metal fences and most people lock em which is super frustrating. It's one thing if you knock on someone's door and they say "no" or "we're busy" but it's another thing when you get shut down by a lil baby lock! SO! I hopped the fence :) Not my most graceful moment... and I got pretty intimate with a large plant but it got the job done :) I knocked on the door and the grandma said they weren't home so I had to hop the fence back onto the other side.. but I waited til she closed the door :P

Oh! We have dinner with this less active family every Monday and they have a son who's 9 (hopefully getting baptized soon!)... He can never remember our names so we quiz him every time! Last monday he was trying real hard to think of my name... "hmmmmmmmmm Hermana.... L..... Hermana Luuuuuu.... HERMANA LUMPS!" :) yeeeeeup. That's me :) hahah It's funny cuz most people struggle with our names. We've got Hna Elleees and Hna Luuuun :) Dream team :)

Going back to the blitz, Hna Ellis wanted the chance to spend some time with Hna Martin so we split again for a few hours and Hna Adams and I were together for the blitz! Hna Adams and I came out together :) So we're both FRESH. like REAL FRESH. And she didn't know any spanish before she came out.. so we were both kind of like... uhhhhhhhh okay :D But she just had such a great attitude about it :) We ended up getting the most referrals out of any of the other missionaries! It was truly a miracle. There was a really cool guy we met. We had knocked on his house but no one was home. When we were on our way back to meet up with everyone we saw him getting home :) His name was Mario. We had a whole successful interaction in spanish where we got to teach him about baptism, talk about Jesus Christ. He kept on saying "I've seen those men in ties and white shirts all the time!! But I've never seen sister missionaries!!!!" It's awesome knowing that we each bring something different to the table :) He said that we could stop by any time and that he and his wife would cook lots of food for us :) So sweet. So kind. So amazing. The Lord really does prepare people who are ready and eager to learn and help you learn. That was the first time on my mission that I've really truly felt like a missionary and not just like a companion :) It was really special.

That's about it, but I love you guys so so much :)

We've each got something special to bring to the table! There's this killer quote I read in a book Hna Martin let my borrow:

"To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for what could have been their finest hour" - Winston Churchill-

BOOM! Preparation and worthiness is everything. Work hard, push yourself and God will bless you and will be able to bless others THROUGH you in amazingly unique ways :)


And I haven't responded to a bunch of you... I'm sorry!!! I'm working on it!! But it's not cuz I don't love you and think about each of you and pray for you every day :) I'll do better on responding :)

Les amo mucho :)
Hermana Lumps

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