Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 2 It's been HOT

Hola :D

This week was craaaazy! Time goes by so slow but also insanely quick!!!

It hit 101 degrees :D At least according to our car... The members say it's only about 95 in actuality but it sure don't feel like it. Yeeesh. Including me, there are 4 missionaries in our branch that haven't spent a summer here yet... And we're all from the east coast. At least we'll all die together, right? :D Wootwoooooooot. Farmers tan, watch tan, bracelet tan, shoe tan.. All very real :)

Menudo............................ Okay. Now Mexican food is not my favorite, but I can deal with all the rice and beans and albondigas (mexicans put meatballs in this kind of chicken soup thing. pretty good. but my compa says she's had them 4 times on her mission and 3 of those times have been with me in the past 2 weeks). ANYWAYS. so like. Mexican food's pretty good. And then came the Menudo. We were teaching this family and we set a return appointment for the next day around lunch time and they were like "PERFECT! We'll make menudo!!!! :D" .... And turning down food from Mexicans is a big no no, but turning down food from mexicans a day in advance is like a biiiiiiiiig no no. So there was no way to get out of it. Menudo conists of this really yummy broth that's spiced plus some onion and cilantro and these rice/bean things? Not really sure, but like it's pretty good........ except for the main ingredient......... COW STOMACH. Dear goodness gracious. Mexicans LOVE menudo. Like it's their favorite kind of MEAT. Meat is a loose term considering it's just skin and fat. Gives me the chills just talking about it. If you steer clear of the "meat" it's SUPER GOOD! But obviously you can't pick and choose so it was an interesting experience thinking about all the stomach in my stomach :) hahahah gotta try it some time.

BUT. The miracle that followed the Menudo was AWESOME. So we had had a bunch of days back to back where we just got fed more and more and more and more and more crazy mexican dishes and we were feeling it. Before our dinner appointment we were talking in the car and daying "ahhhhh a SALAD would be so nice!" and my compa was like "ooooh my sister makes the best salad with strawberries on it!" sighhhhhhhh. Mexicans don't really believe in salads. They are so so so so SO good to us and feed us so well when most of them don't have very much at all so we decided to suck it up and show some gratitude :) Oh! and with this dinner appointment, we like had the wrong number, couldn't get a hold of them, almost switched with the elders, had to bump the time, couldn't find the house, we were super late.. aye. craziness. But we finally got there and she was like... "I'm so sorry! I ran out of rice so I just made A SALAD... and I wanted to try it out with Strawberries... I hope that's okay..." Our jaws hit the ground and we almost cried/cheered/hugged that poor lady. It was small. But I know that that was a MIRACLE just for us. God cares about the little things. And sometimes all you have to do is ask :)

We had another cool experience this week with a referral. An english family in a ward about a 45 minutes away prayed and fasted and decided they wanted to share the gospel with their family friends: a spanish family in our area. They took us out to lunch and gave us these letters they had written as a family describing how the gospel had blessed their lives. They also gave us a BOM in english and a BOM in spanish that they had wrapped up all nice like a present :) They texted this family and said "You're getting a present this Tuesday at 7!!" So this family had no idea that two hermanas were gonna show up at their door and share the gospel :) no pressure, right? But my goodness gracious. That lesson. Those letters. Woooweee. Missionary work with members is AMAZING. During that lesson all this family could say was "[The family that gave us the referral] is just different. There's something about them that's just different." They said they want to learn more and that they'll read the Book of Mormon :) Cool stuff right there.

Take away of the week.. Be a good example. People notice good people. And there's a power there. As missionaries we can knock on doors till our knuckles break... but when there's that love and respect already established by a member, it's a WHOLE different ball game.

Be good and don't be afraid to share your beliefs :)

Look for miracles :)

Oh! One more fun thing! There was an afternoon this week where our appointment fell through... and they our backup fell through. and our backup's backup. and our backup's backup's backup etc. So we prayed and felt like we should go to a park :D When we got there there we decided to draw the plan of salvation on the sidewalk :D We even had a few helpers :) Missionary work comes in many forms!

Anyways :)

This week before Easter make sure you watch this video!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't have to be LDS to appreciate the blessings of Jesus Christ's resurrection and some powerfully artsy video clips :)

Happy Easter!! and Happy General Conference :))

Hermana Lund

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