Saturday, March 14, 2015

Second P-Day in the MTC

Hermana Lund had a half P-Day today and sent an email with a few more photos. 

These first 2 are of her District and her two MTC teachers.  

"We found this picture by the cafeteria and could not stop laughing. We call her abuelita and say hola every time we walk by :)"
"A bug's been going around our district so we convinced the elders to wear some masks."

Wow. It's only been a few days but it seems it's been FOREVER. Day's go by really slowly but also flyyyyyyyy by!

The rest of the evening is our P Day for those of us who leave on Monday so we got to whip out the jeans :) Never thought I would love pants so much. 

Anyways! This week has been amazing. There have been MIRACLES. Like real miracles every day. 

Tuesday mi companera y yo taught a real investigator! (or at least they tell us she's real.....we're kind of in denial because we love her so much!!) She's a 60 year old lady from Guatemala and she's about 4 and a half feet tall!

No joke. Like when she sits in the chair her feet don't even touch the floor! Oh man she's so sweet. In our first meeting with her she just talked about how much she loved her kids for 30 minutes. It was so sweet. And it was even sweeter to tell her that her Heavenly Father loved her even more than that! We used Matthew 7:11 to back it up: "If then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?" :)

Yesterday we asked her if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized....She said yes :)

The greatest miracle of the week happened with Elder A. He's the one from Ecuador! The one going to Tucson too! So. Long story short, he's got the craziest story. 
1)He came from Ecuador
2) When he got off the plane here, he was ARRESTED
3) After he got released and came to the MTC, before he could even walk in the door he got pulled aside and was put in solitary QUARANTINE for 36 hours cuz they thought he had TB (surprise surprise...he didn't)
4) On Wednesday he was told that he was going to have to stay here for another two weeks because he had a cough!!
The MTC is great and all but when they double your time cuz you've got a cold??? aye. I was really frustrated for him. A bunch of us fasted that night and prayed that it would all work out. I remember starting my prayer that night by asking for a miracle....and then after a few minutes I kinda  backed out and just started praying for him to be able to make through whatever Heavenly Father saw fit. 
5) Next day he got called to the front desk...and he got news that he can leave with us this Monday!!! :D He told us that the doctor said it was a MIRACLE. But for some "magical" reason he was good to go.

It was such a humbling experience! He is such an amazing example! The day he thought he wasn't going to be able to leave with us he went and bought a ton of hershey kisses and gave them all out to us :) Such an amazing experience to learn from his faith and love. 

We all head out to Tucson on Monday:) I don't know when I'll have my next P Day but I'll call home on Monday morning! 

So SAD to be leaving here. My zone has been AMAZING. I love each and every one of them SO SO much. We've gotten so close. We eat every meal together, play volleyball every day together, ealk everywhere together, and we laugh alllllllways. We've been coming up with Disney doppelgangers for everyone. We've got a bunch of people from the Lion King and Napoleon Dynamite ;) I'm Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia. They also call me the Queen of LUNDon ;)

I should go! But I love you all a lot!

There's a quote from Elder Holland that says that as missionaries we have to be our first investigator. We want our investigators to pray more, Heavenly Father wants us to pray more. We want our investigators to have faith, Heavenly Father wants us to have faith. I have loved the opportunity I've had to rebuild my testimony while I've been here :)

I love you all :) Special shout out to Sister Whitesell for the letters!! I've been using your quotes in all my lessons ;)


Adios amados, 
Hermana Lund

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