Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Traveling from MTC to Tucson, AZ

Hey Guys!

Happy St. Patrick's Day :D

It was awesome to talk to family for a little bit yesterday at the airport!

We got here yesterday around 11 :) (Fun fact of the day, Arizona does not believe in daylight savings time). Our Mission President, President Passey (like a pacifier), his wife, and the two assistants were there to greet us:) They're all so nice and wonderful! After that the 2 APs took all 7 of us to the Mormon Battalion Monument in downtown Tucson. THey parked about a half mile away, talked to us about hastening the work, and said "let's go hasten!!!" and started running.........Definitely got my workout for the day running through 89 degree Tucson holding a Book of Mormon ;) Once we got to the monument they said "go to work" so Hermana Olivas, Hermana Adams (who also came from the Provo MTC) and I started talking to people about the gospel, Wow. Such a cool experience!

We talked to these two guys first. Both very passionate about religion and good food. They offered to buy us some of these hotdogs with beans and jalapenos and everything else you could imagine. We said no, but we got to share a quick message before we talked to 4 more women and gave out 3 Book of Mormons and got 3 of their numbers! Can't wait for the missionaries to follow up :)

After that we went to the Mission Office, ate some gooooood food, did some training and role playing, interviews and then went back to the Passey's home for a much needed nap (We only got 1 hour of sleep before we left the MTC). OH! at the Passey's home we met the 2 missionaries who came from the Mexico MTC and one of them is also named Nadia :) Kinda cool....After naps we had a looooovely dinner of spaghetti and meatballs on the Passey's balcony right during sunset. And oh my gosh, it was GORGEOUS. Being surrounded by dirt and cacti taller than trees and red and purple mountain while the sun lit up with oranges and pinks and mmmmmmmmmm GORGEOUS. The pictures really don't do it justice. After that we had a testimony meeting and called it an early night.

Today was transfer meeting :D We got to the church at 7, met a whoooooole bunch of super friendly missionaries and got put with our trainers!!! They did this whole dramatic thing where they had all the trainers sit on one side of the chapel, all the new missionaries sit on the other, and when they read off the area and the missionaries, they would meet in the middle and give each other a big ol hug :)

So, my trainer is Hermana Ellis :) She's been on her mission for about a year, goes home in July. She's from Nebraska and come from a big family :) And she is so stinkin nice! Also tall! We're serving here in the TUCSON SOUTH Zone. Our zone is the only one in the whole mission that is an "all Spanish zone" so all meetings and missionaries are spanish so I'll get lots of good practice! Hermana Olivas is going to New Mexico, 4 hours away!! :'( I'm gonna miss her! Can't wait for the day we get to be companions again!

I think that might be it. Hermana Ellis said we get fed every night so that'll be nice :) I'll have P days on Monday's except for transfer weeks (every 6 weeks) when my P days will be on Tuesday! It's hot, it's sunny, and it's gorgeous here! Our area covers the University of Arizona which is also pretty sweet!

I'm tired, I'm excited, and I'm happy :)


I don't remember the address to our apartment but emails are always appreciated :)

Hasta pronto!
Hermana Lund

Picture of us with the 1st counselor in our MTC Branch Presidency
(the President was sick, so he was basically our President)
At the Provo Temple with Hna Olivas
At the Temple with District 
Some of the Elder we traveled to Tucson with
(they looked like they were praying while they were sleeping)

The rest of the pictures are of the sweeeeeeeeeeet sunset last night from the Mission President's balcony (pictures didn't do it justice)

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