Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 73 Last email home

Here we go :)

WE'RE HAVING A BAPTISM TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a way to go, right? Its la Familia Perez. Marcela, Renee, and Juanito. They're the ones that came to the church 3 weeks ago... I always knew that the Lord prepares people for our message but HOLY COW! They have kept every single commitment and more! I just love them so so much. They moved into the other ward's boundaries on Saturday so it's been absolute chaos trying to figure out who in actually in charge of this baptism. We're basically having a bi-ward baptism!! 2 wards full of fellowshippers :) it's the best!

OH! So la familia perez needed a ride to church yesterday and we found them one with a member who lives pretty close. She was supposed to take them to our building. Long story short, the ride bailed so they walked all the way to the bus only to find that it wasn't going to be there in time so they walked all the way home. We busted out of sacrament meeting when we didn't see them and with some seriously divine help got them a ride to the other ward's meetings and they LOVED it :') They just wanted to go to church so bad and it didn't matter where. The church is true everywhere :)

What else? Mmmmm Hermana Jimenez has the biggest sweet tooth in the world and she's been stuffing me full of all the amazing Mexican sweets you can imagine. I feel like most of the week I've just been recovering from a sugar coma.

OH! The couple that we found at the beginning of the transfer (they had been taught a bunch by elders but they never wanted to tie the knot) ARE GETTING MARRIED ON TUESDAY :'D Luz and Francisco <3

It's been weird feeling mission things starting to slip away... You feel the mantle placed upon you when you come and you feel it slowly lifted as you go... It's so incredibly bitter sweet. I have a lot of love and honor for my mission, especially all the people that have shaped it. I've found my long lost grandpas and grandmas and moms and dads and uncles and aunts and brothers and sisters. It has been a blessing to wear this tag.

I came on a mission hoping for a front row seat to allll kinds of miracles. It has been even sweeter than I could have ever imagined to experience the simple miracle of perfect love. I know God loves each of his children perfectly. I know that Jesus Christ lived and died and was resurrected because of that same love. They know our potential and it is truly their work and glory to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life. Our happily ever after. And as we strive to cultivate that perfect love and magnify it, we will be Their miracles. I am grateful for this special time they have given me to recognize that and so many other things.

Thank you to all of you for your prayers and kindness and wisdom these past several months.

Hasta pronto!
Hermana Lund

1. One last visit with Bonnie and Alex.
2. Construction continues!
3. Lunch with Hermana Rodrgiuez!!!! (The mini missionary with me way
back in the day) She goes into the mtc in a week :') SO PROUD!
4. One more ice cream with Billy!
6. The district surprised me with a mission birthday cake and piñata!

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