Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 9 God Knows Best/ We're Getting iPads

AHHH!!! Such a crazy week!!! So much to say so little time to say it!!!

1) We had a last minute meeting with ALLLLLLL the missionaries in the mission yesterday......... and we're getting iPads!!!!! :D It's exciting and wonderful and scary and a lot of responsibility and obedience is gonna have to go down, but I couldn't be more excited to give it a try :) We should be getting them in the next few weeks :) Oh! and it also means I get to skype home now on Christmas and mother's day!! And even use facebook!!! yeeeeeeesh... craziness!

2) I found a Mexican food I CANNOT stand! :D hahah I know that shouldn't be exciting... but I feel like that's a right of passage as a missionary. It's called Mole. Like Moe-lay. And it's basically meat in this sauce with a whole bunch of peppers and CHOCOLATE. Yup. Most people love it! Including Hna Ellis, and maybe it's just because I haven't had the best kind yet... but I think it tastes like DIRT. This sweet old lady from the ward made it and oh man. She's awesome. But mmmm. hahah

3) As a zone we tried to hit Standards of Excellence this week :) Which means as a mission we have goals (2 investigators at church, 3 new investigators, 2 baptismal dates, 5 lessons with a member present, 2 investigators that are progressing) that every companionship should be able to hit. Our mission's been struggling a little in this department so we decided as a zone that we were gonna make it happen!!!! We worked so stinkin hard. Yeeesh. We're exhausted. But Hna Ellis and I, along with 2 other companionships managed to hit it :D And our zone had INCREDIBLE results. So many miracles. And SO many trials. The harder we work, the harder satan works.

We were out knocking doors one day and this lady opened the door. Nice lady :) From Hawaii, started talking about God, etc and 20 seconds in I just feel these little pinches all over my feet......... There were fire ants EVERYWHERE. And they were like ALL over me. On my wrist, on my arms, on my legs, all up in my skirt. My goodness gracious and they were biting the heck out of me. And I just smiled and kept going :) She wasn't interested, but it was a really good contact. hahaha After she closed the door we ran around the corner and Hna Ellis started whacking the heck out of my skirt trying to get em all off. :) I've got lots of lil bites all over me... but hey, we hit standards :) And we have 3 investigators who are going to be baptized on June 13th :') The Lord works in mysterious ways.

4) We also met a guy named LION!!! Yeah, like the animal! Big old black guy who was sitting outside his house :) He looked at me and was like... "wait! I know you!!!!!" After going back and forth for a bit he finally decided "Ohhhhh no, you've got that bible in yo hand so I know I didn't meetcha up in da cluuuub" hahahah it was pretty funny. He had some really profound ideas about how church is a lot more than a building. Couldn't agree more! We gave his number to the English elders :)

I always feel like I have to pick a theme for every week in these emails. This week... I guess. God knows best. We've gotta experience so many hard things so that we can see the miracles. God loves us. He knows what we want. One of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 16:9 "A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps"

The Lord knows our hearts. He knows we want to be better. Look to him in faith and he WILL direct your steps and help you get there. I know it.

I LOVE YOU ALL :) Have an amazing week!!!
Hermana Lund

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