Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 8 She put it over her heart

Hey :)

It was really really great to talk to you guys yesterday :) I wish it could've been longer but it was really nice to hear your voices!! Sometimes it feels like my life before I came out here was a dream and that no one, friends, family, nada really exist. But it was nice to remember why I'm out here and who's got my back :) That being said, hopefully we'll get iPads before Christmas and we'll be able to skype :D

Funny story of the week :P This is a good one. So buckle up! Okay. So we have this recent convert that is moving trailers. She is so good to all the missionaries (feeds em every week, lets us play with her puppy, gives us pan dulce always :P), so of course we and the elders went over to help her clean her new place :) They had had this layer of floor something that they took out so the floor underneath had all this glue and nasty stuff all over it. Like WAY gross. and IMPOSSIBLE to take off. One of the elders (who is particularly enthusiastic about cleaning interestingly enough) said we should use GASOLINE! ......... yeeeeeeeeup! So we went out, got a big ol thing of gasoline! We dumped it all over the floor and started scrubbin.... and it WORKED!!!! Like really really well! That floor was sparkling :) .... However. As you can imagine... Inhaling gas fumes for an hour starts to get to you. Hahahahah we all got a lil loopy and giggly before we figured out that that proooobably wasn't the best idea :P but it worked!

On Saturday we did a Sunrise hike of A mountain with all the other Hermanas in our Zone :) A mountain is more like a hill... but it was cool :) The A is for the University of Arizona. We got up at 4:19 in the morning and had a blast :) it was nice to have time to ponder and look down on the city, knowing that there are people out there that we need to go out and teach :)

Later on Saturday we had a SUPER BLITZ!!! :D All the missionaries in our ward split up and we each went with a member to go knocking :) I went out with this girl who just got married. She served her mission in Argentina and she's a BEAST. Man. Her spanish. Her teaching skills. Dang. I learned SO MUCH! Anyways! We went out and knocked at this park :) We knocked on a couple of doors with no answers but then we came to this one trailer. We could see this lady through the window. Before we could even knock, she opened the door and let us right in :) She explained that when she saw us, she just knew that there was something special about us :) We had an amazing lesson and they agreed to learn more and read the Book of Mormon :)

OH! on Tuesday we got to go to the temple :D We went to the Gila Valley temple because that's the one in our mission. The Gilbert and Mesa ones are a little closer and a little bit bigger, but since they're outside the boundaries, we roadtriped up to the Gila Valley :) President Passey drove the big old white van and we had a blast :) All the new hermanas sat in the back and we just got to talk about how much we've grown, all we're struggling with, etc :) It was awesome! and the temple..... man. I can't even put into words how much I love the temple. It is one of the greatest blessings we have and I wish I could go every day :)

Okay... so this was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my mission so far. We just started visiting this 14 year old girl who hasn't come to church in a long time. She's excited to come back and get involved with young womens. But her mom is really sick. She has cancer and stays in bed all day. We stopped by to visit them on Saturday and all there family was there. They said it was doubtful that her mom would make it through the night. We stood in the room as the mom slept and offered a prayer. After the prayer and with tears streaming down his face, the dad pulled back the covers and pulled out a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, the one with Jesus on the cover. The mom had put it right over her heart. I know that families are eternal.

We found 7 new investigators this week! We had 5 member present lessons! and we had 5 investigators at church!!!!! Those are MIRACLES. We've been trying to figure out what we did differently, but when it comes down to it.... We found those people, they were ready to listen to our message and change because of pure chance! Right place, right time, right people. Man. Heavenly Father really wants to bless his children and he's putting us to work to get it done :)

It just keeps getting harder and harder and better and better and I couldn't be happier :)

Thanks for all the support and love.... you guys are wonderful! I invite you all to kick it up a notch. Whatever you're doing... do more! Be better! Try harder! The beauty of being a spanish missionary is that people are really honest and will tell you what you're doing wrong :) And even more so, if you ask Heavenly Father... he'll tell you too. Be better :)


These are some pic from the temple with Hna Ellis and our zone :) and from our sunrise hike.

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